Why Won’t Lice Go Away?

Why Won't Lice Go Away

Why Won't Lice Go Away

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Just because a person’s hair is clean does not mean that it is impervious to lice. Many people wonder why won’t lice go away despite countless lice treatment attempts. When dealing with lice it is important to understand the lifecycle of the pest and address the matter with a variety of strategies.

Lice Aren’t Picky

Most people would like to believe that if the scalp and hair are kept immaculately clean, it will not be an ideal place for lice to live. This leads many first time lice hosts to ask the question, “why won’t lice go away” after the first round of treatment. Lice do not care whether a person’s hair is dirty or clean. In fact, if anything lice prefer clean hair to dirty hair because a well maintained head is easier to navigate through. Although lice cannot fly or jump, adults can easily crawl from an infested individual onto clothes, combs, and brushes, allowing theses pests to spread rapidly.

Why it’s Hard to Remove Lice

Hosts to a lice infestation following a strict removal regimen often wonder why won’t lice go away, but by looking at the lifecycle of the louse, it’s easy to see why. Female lice lay between 50 and 150 eggs throughout the course of adulthood. Eggs, also called nits, are stuck into the hair near the scalp and are very difficult to remove, requiring a special nit comb. After about 9 days, the eggs hatch into nymphs. Nymphs stay near the scalp for 9 to 12 days until adulthood, which lasts about 30 days. With such a steady rate of new lice development, getting control of lice is a challenge.

Getting Rid of Lice

To get rid of lice, the host must wage war in the scalp. These tiny pests can quickly develop an immunity to conventional lice removal treatments. To really gain control of the lice population, infested individuals must be vigilant. Use a nit comb daily to remove the lice eggs. This will reduce the population by limiting the number of nymphs that hatch. An SLS-free, pesticide-free, all-natural line of shampoos and conditioners should be used on a regular basis as well. These products will kill off adults and put an end to the question, “why won’t lice go away?” even in the most severe cases.

Preventing Another Infestation

During and after undergoing a treatment for lice, it is also vitally important to treat the house of the infested individual. Lice and nits can live on clothing, bedding and furniture for up to 9 days. Many people that have successfully gotten rid of lice are amazed when the pests return, often wondering “why won’t lice go away?”. Without properly sanitizing the home and other spaces that an infested individual might have occupied during the infestation, individuals are preparing for failure. To effectively remove nits and lice from the home, use an all-natural lice repellant spray.

Whether an individual is suffering from a lice outbreak, or is hoping to be protected against one, all-natural lice repellants like Clearlice are a great way to prevent a potential lice problem. In addition, a routine lice shampoo and conditioning regime will help individuals hosting a lice scalp party send guests packing for good.

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