Winter Activities That Keep Your Kids Active!

Kids Winter Activities

With the winter in full effect, we need to realize the importance of keeping our children active; after all, there is a terrible obesity epidemic sweeping the country right now and teaching our kids to stay fit and healthy will go a long ways towards improving their quality of life. But with the harsh weather and the dropping temperatures outside, how can we make sure our children get the level of activity that they need? Keep in mind that having active children will not only make them healthier in the long term, but it will also make our jobs as parents easier as children will have a chance to burn all that extra energy they are carrying and will have less time and energy to misbehave while being at home. If you are looking for tips and ideas on how to keep your children active during the winter, then read on.

Ice Skating

If you are looking for ways to stay healthy during the winter for you and your children, then look no further! Ice skating is one of the most fun, challenging activities that you and your children can do. In fact, Ice skating burns on average 450 calories per hour and even more if you do it at an increased pace or practice a sport like Ice Hockey. Skating can also be a fun way to bring the family together for the casual winter afternoon skating session with the children and other relatives. One of the reasons why ice skating is one of the best winter activities is the fact that it is extremely accessible to people all over the country, most cities have an ice skating rink or a local pond that can be used to skate and other than the initial cost of the skates (which you can rent), there are no expenses involved. One thing to consider is that your children will likely be spending a lot of time with unknown children, so it might be a good idea to have ClearLice natural head lice prevention kit to use daily on your children’s hair just  just in case.

Indoor Activities

If the area where you live is prone to having extreme winter weather and you are stuck home without the possibility of enjoying outdoor activities, there are several things you and your children you can do indoors in order to stay healthy. For example, you could have a dance off, play some ping pong or perhaps clear out the garage and enjoy a nice session of indoor soccer. If all else fails you can do some basic bodywork exercises like pushups and sit-ups for a short period of time in order to use your muscles and to stay active in case you are forced to stay inside the home. One thing we have noticed is that children love videogames that force them to move and be active, there are a lot of games out there with motion sensor functionality and they range from dancing, to tennis to even yoga and children will be more open to the idea of staying active if it involves a videogame.

Go back in time

We are not talking about actually building a time machine (but if you can do that then who are we to stop you?) we are talking about relying on toys and games that we used when we were kids and that kids today have forgotten. Unfortunately, most children nowadays would rather stay in front of the tv or in front of their tablets rather than staying active, but you can fix this by encouraging them to rely on some of the activities we did when we were younger. For example, something so simple like rope jumping can give your children that extra dose of activity that will help them remain sane during the winter. Encourage them to create their own challenges and to compete with each other to see who can skip rope faster or perhaps organize a friendly contest between kids and parents. If you have a hula hoop at home you can teach your children how to use it (or they can teach you), record them and send the video to other family members for fun! Finally, if you all else fails, you can always do fun stuff in the snow like a friendly snowball war or perhaps building a snowman, just keep your children warm and make sure to dress them in layers. Keep in mind that If you do decide to venture outside for a bit of fun in the snow, it is important that you stay in the snow only for short periods of time.


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