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In January 2015, a toddler came home from daycare with a case of head lice: a common occurrence, as children are prone to close contact on playgrounds at day care or in school. Both children in the family ended up with lice, and the parents opted for a natural, inexpensive treatment.

For the older child, a young boy, they opted to shave his head, which is a quick and safe remedy, as you can easily get to the lice and nits when there is no hair in which they can hide. They didn’t feel this was an optimal solution for their 18 month old daughter, so they decided to try mayonnaise. They covered her head with the mayo and secured a plastic bag around it.

Like normal, they put her down for a nap and made sure the plastic bag was secure. When they went in to check on her, she wasn’t breathing. The plastic bag had come loose and slipped down over her face, suffocating her while she slept. No charges were filed against the parents, as it was an accident, and, at worst, poor judgment.

Conversely, families across the country buy Nix and RID to treat their children’s head lice. Every year over 10 million children come home with head lice, and the anti-louse shampoo business is booming, at around $160 million per year, according to Deborah Altschuler, the president of the National Pediculosis Association.   

While the family in the story above tried a home remedy and were unsuccessful, and with terrible consequences, there are many more who have treated lice with chemical solutions and experienced equally or more devastating results. Every parent should read Jesse’s story.

Time to Try Natural

So, why do natural treatments work better than chemicals? Because they can’t kill you. As a parent, it is critical to be well informed when making decisions for you and your family. These families have shared their stories because they want you to be informed and not learn the hard way like they had to.

For every ineffective home remedy, there is an equally more risky and dangerous pesticide-based treatment. Children have undeveloped immune systems, which makes them more sensitive and susceptible to complications with chemical treatments. Chemicals like pyrethrum, permethrin, and pipernoyl—which can be found in FDA approved over-the-counter and prescription lice treatments—are carcinogens.

There is scientific evidence that has linked chemical lice treatment to asthma, autism, and, as you read in Jesse’s story, cancers like leukemia. Even the so-called “inert” ingredients like isopropyl alcohol and propylene glycol can be equally as dangerous as the pesticides. They can cause skin irritation, dermatitis, seizures, nausea, stinging, and redness.

Lice Becoming Resistant

As if these reasons aren’t enough for you to stay away from chemical pesticides, here is another great reason: The lice are becoming resistant to the chemical treatments. A new breed, termed super lice, is infecting our children today. In a study done by the American Chemical Society, 109 samples were collected across 30 states. They found over 104 instances of lice with high levels of gene mutation.

By using the chemical treatments over and over again, the lice develop a resistance to them. Not only does this make them more difficult to get rid of, but the risk of harming your child goes up considerably when needing more doses of these dangerous drugs. So, what can you do to safely remove these pests and keep your child healthy and protected?

We’ve discussed the importance of being well informed. Do not treat your child blindly because your doctor says it’s okay. Mind you, there are millions of children who have been treated with Nix and RID who have not developed any life altering illnesses; however, every dose is a risk you are taking. Is your child worth the risk?

It is with all this in mind that ClearLice developed a natural, safe lice treatment. It is better than home remedies and very safe for children. It is a proprietary blend of tea tree, neem, and peppermint oil, combined with enzyme proteins and other ingredients that get rid of lice. Parents need to know that using natural treatments is a good idea, and it can succeed where home remedies fail.

So, before your child comes home with a case of lice, take a look at our FAQ page, which should answer most of your questions. With our money-back guarantee, you can be confident in its effectiveness and keep your child protected from the dangers of pesticides.

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