Does Heat Kill Lice? Can I Take a Hair Dryer Lice Treatment?

Lice Fear Hair Dryers

Many people ask us a lot of question about lice treatment. One of the most popular questions are “does heat kill lice?”, “can I take a hair dryer live treatment?” or “does blow-drying kill lice?”.

In previous posts we have described how important it is for head lice to have the appropriate living conditions in order to survive, some of these conditions include just the right amount of light, moisture, and heat. Given these facts, it is easy to see why head lice enjoy the environment found in a person’s hair. After all, the head is constantly exposed to natural light, the hair in it helps it stay warm and protected from the environment and the constant showers help keep moisture levels up.  But did you know that drying your hair completely after showering could be an effective preventive step that you can take when it comes to preventing a head lice outbreak?

But is this enough to effectively prevent a head lice outbreak? Should you still consider other preventive measures when it comes to head lice? How often should you use your hair dryer if you think you might have a case of head lice? If you’d like to find out the answers to all of these questions and to find out how effective drying hair to get rid of lice can be then read on.

Hair dryer lice treatment to kill lice and nits

A  study conducted by scientists from the University of Utah has found out that using a hair dryer alongside a delousing comb and a shampoo lice treatment can be one of the most effective ways of dealing with a head lice problem. The study, which observed 168 children with pediculosis found out that a blast of hot air can help eliminate up to 80% of the head lice population living in a child’s head. But what happens to the other 20% of lice that can survive the initial blast of hot air? This is where an effective and safe head lice treatment comes in. Let’s take for example ClearLice natural lice treatment shampoo can really make the difference. This head lice treatment was specially formulated by an expert in the industry using all-natural ingredients that can prevent some of the most severe side effects of common head lice treatments and is a proven, efficient method of dealing with a head lice outbreak. If you combine this head lice treatment along with a blast of hot air from your head dryer and a thorough delousing with a stainless steel comb, you can easily win the battle against these stubborn bugs.

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Dry and tie your hair

Since the answer to the questions “does heat kill lice?”, “can I take a dryer lice treatment?” or “does blowing drying kill lice?” is yes, while head lice do not have a preference when it comes to hair length, you might want to prevent yourself from becoming their target by drying your hair off completely after you get out of the shower. If you have girls at home with long hair who are still going to school, then this is a vital step as lice find it more difficult to cling on to hair that is tied in either a bun or a ponytail. You should also consider the fact that moisture can help attract head lice which is why keeping your child’s head dry and clean can truly make the difference when it comes to dealing with an existing problem or preventing a future outbreak.  Make sure to inspect your child daily, especially if it’s “cooties season” at school. While it is generally accepted that head lice can survive in extreme weather, it is more likely for children to be affected during the hot or rainy seasons and you should be extremely careful during the spring and summer.

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Don’t be afraid to turn the heat up

Lice Fear Hair DryersWhen It comes to getting rid of lice, your hair dryer can help when you combine it with an all-natural shampoo for lice treatment. As we mentioned before, the study conducted by scientists at the University of Utah found out that a hair dryer works effectively against head lice by desiccating them, this means that it removes all of the moisture from their bodies and turns them into what it is essentially dust. Remember how we said that head lice need just the right amount of moisture to survive?

Now, there is something you need to be aware of and this is the fact that while hair dryers can be effective when it comes to fighting head lice, there is always a chance that the hair dryer won’t be able to reach all of the spots in your head. Some spots might be covered by more hair or can be difficult to reach and this is where an effective treatment can really make the difference. Learn how to protect yourself against these nasty little bugs by using an effective head lice shampoo and head lice prevention kit along with these prevention measures that we have described and you will get rid of head lice for good.

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