Why Do Store Brand Head Lice Removal Products Fail?

Why Do Store Brand Lice Treatments Fail
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Why Do Store Brand Lice Treatments Fail

Head Lice Treatment

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There is a 70% failure rate when using store bought headlice removal treatment products, such as Rid, Nix or even Walmart or CVS lice shampoo because today lice have built up a resistance to these traditional store brands.

The poison in these lice treatment products cannot get through the hard protective exoskeleton. Therefore, the lice will not die and instead endanger the person whose head or body is soaked in these hazardous chemicals. In a majority of cases, the store brands are reapplied multiple times making exposure to these poisonous treatments even more harmful, but the products still can’t get rid of lice or their nits (eggs).

ClearLice™ Eliminates Lice Mechanically

Unlike traditional lice removal treatments mentioned above, ClearLice™ is made only with natural botanicals, enzyme complexes, plant extracts, and homeopathic ingredients that literally mimic the molting process of head lice.  Once the hard exoskeletons of the lice and nits begin to dissolve, none of the parasites or their eggs can survive or become immune when exposed to ClearLice™.

Why Isn’t ClearLice™ Sold in Stores?

ClearLice™ only uses the most pure and natural ingredients from around the world and remote areas of the USA to produce the world’s best lice treatment products. These ingredients cost more than the toxic chemicals used to manufacture traditional pesticide lice treatments.  As an effort to keep the cost of ClearLice™ as affordable as possible, we do not sell the hair lice treatments in stores.  Making products available directly from our warehouse here in the U.S.A., we eliminate the expense of middleman distribution costs passing on the savings to our customers.  This process also makes ClearLice™ available in its freshest and most potent condition.  Offering the lice shampoo, repellant conditioner, laundry detergent additive and environmental spray fresh, provides our customers with some of the most effective and best head lice products on the market.

Most ClearLice™ customers who have also used traditional drug store lice treatment products would agree that using ClearLice™ to get rid of lice naturally will not only speed up the process and save you money in the long run, but will also make the entire experience of dealing with lice less painful and much safer.  Check out the reviews from satisfied ClearLice™ customers for yourself on our Customer Reviews page.  Our friendly staff is also available to help answer any head lice questions you may have.  Contact us by phone during business hours Monday through Friday (EST) by calling 866-234-8060, or simply contact us online,

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