Who Knew? Certain Hairstyles Prevent Lice

Certain Hair Styles Prevent Lice

When it comes to effective ways to prevent head lice, nothing matches the effectiveness of the ClearLice natural Lice Prevention Kit. Of course, there are several things that you can do to prevent head lice, but if your children are spending a lot of time hanging out with other kids, it is difficult to be entirely prepared for a major head lice problem, but did you know that there are several hair styles out there that can help you and your children prevent head lice? It would be normal to think that the easiest way to prevent head lice is to shave your kid’s hair off right? This isn’t realistic at all though, and your kids deserve the opportunity to wear their hair long if they wish to do so. If your local school is going through a head lice epidemic, consider these hairstyles to prevent lice!

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The Sock Bun

The sock bun is an elegant hair style that is very easy to do and it can help you prevent head lice despite the fact that lice cannot jump from one head to another, loose hair tends to pick up lice more easily. For this hairstyle you will need a clean sock that is ankle-length. Make sure you do not use a longer sock because it might be difficult to maneuver the hair around it and the hair might end up tangled. Also, the color should be something close to your daughter’s hair so that it doesn’t stand out from afar. What you will want to do is cut off the sock’s toe end using a pair of sharp scissors. What we are trying to do is to create a tube out of this sock by cutting the bottom end. After you got your sock ready, tie your child’s hair into a ponytail, rolling up the sock over the ponytail all the way to the base so that the hair is inside. Pull the sock towards the ends and tuck the hair while pulling the hair into the center, roll the sock down while holding the ends of the hair towards the center. At the same time, roll the fabric towards the base of the ponytail while finishing the bun. You can use hairspray or even some gel to keep the bun in place.

The French Braid

A classic French braid is a beautiful, classic hairstyle that tends to stand out. The fact that the movie “Frozen” popularized this hairstyle should be more than enough to convince your daughter to rock this hairstyle at school. You’ll want to start by prepping your daughter’s hair by brushing it in order to get rid of any tangles and to make it smooth and soft. Keep in mind that you can do the French braid while the hair is wet or dry, but some girls prefer to have it done while wet so the hair ends up being wavy after the braid is undone. After the hair is ready, you will want to start sectioning the hair by taking it apart into as many sections as you need. It is a lot easier to do it with 3 sections, but the more skilled moms can do 4-5 sections at the same time. If your daughter has bangs, it might be a good idea to incorporate the bangs into the braid at this point. At this point, you can start your braiding pattern by crossing over the sections of hair on top of each other. Finish the braid by putting the tips of your daughter’s hair into a ponytail and secure the braid with a rubber band.

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The Buzz Cut

We did not want to leave out the boys and the buzz cut is a fresh hairstyle that is always in fashion and it is so easy to do that most moms and dads just do it at home. Ever since the invention of clippers, this hairstyle has been a favorite amongst celebrities, athletes and kids all over the country. When doing a buzz cut for your son, it is important to remember to start from the top; remember that the hair should be dry and to move against the grain. Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll want to use a shorter guard length on the sides in order to avoid that ridiculous “puffy” look as the hair on the sides tends to look longer than the hair on the top and the back. Finally, make sure to work the buzzer from the bottom to the top using a straight motion until the hair looks even, this is one of those things that tend to get much better with time, but if you’re not feeling confident, you can always take your son to the local barbershop.

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