What is the best treatment available for head lice?

The Best Lice Treatment

Getting rid of lice can be a very difficult task and it can quickly become an ongoing problem if it’s not taken care of in an efficient manner. Although common over the counter lice treatment methods have proven to be effective in the past, a recent study conducted by the Southern Illinois University has found that lice have developed a gene immunity in recent years that makes them resistant to most of these medications.This has made the battle against head lice much more difficult as lice are showing a genetic trait that allows their nervous system to resist some of the most common over the counter treatments available, such as lotions and sprays containing pyrethroids (a common insecticide).

Resistant Head Lice

Although it is hard to believe that lice could exhibit this sort of mutation in such a short period of time, this is a very common side effect of using chemicals and poisons to deal with a lice problem when it could be solved effectively using all natural methods that will always remain effective. If your family is suffering from a head lice problem, you will be happy to know that the best treatment for head lice is a natural product that can quickly and efficiently get rid of head lice and nits.

But before we tell you what the best treatment is if you’re looking to get rid of lice, you should know that educators all over the country are placing a great emphasis in stopping head lice dead in its tracks, it is not uncommon for children all across America to be sent home if they are found to be scratching their head or otherwise showing other common symptoms of head lice. This is why parents should also take a very aggressive approach when it comes to dealing with head lice, children can sometimes miss out on weeks of school if the lice treatment is found to not be effective and the head lice keep multiplying. Some of the most common symptoms of a head lice problem include a tickling feeling in the scalp, hair or body, sores, irritability and red bumps on the scalp. Usually head lice problems are more common after an extended break in school –like the holiday season or summer break. This is why using a preventive treatment during can help you avoid future headaches. Remember that health care providers nowadays are placing a greater emphasis on preventive measure and dealing with head lice should not be the exception. Using a natural preventive head lice treatment such as ClearLice Lice Prevention kits can help you and your kids stay lice-free at school and stop the spreading of these nasty bugs that bring so much discomfort to families all over the country.

Eliminating and Preventing Lice

If it’s already too late for the preventive treatment, you might prefer a hands-on approach, a product like ClearLice Lice Treatment Kit has proven to be an effective way of dealing with head lice and the fact that it is a natural lice treatment, means that it is free of all those nasty chemicals, like poisons, pesticides, and harsh toxins.

The Lice Treatment Kit features a very mild light peppermint scent that kids and adults love and the treatment has proven to be the most effective way to deal with cases of head lice and nits. Regardless of what your current situation is, you should always consider following up with preventive treatment to avoid the spread of head lice and nits.  Keep in mind that a bit of common sense and prevention can go a long way towards preventing a future head lice problem with yourself or your children.

Knowing that an all-natural alternative to the most common head lice treatments exist, will leave parents and children extremely happy, because as we mentioned earlier, educators everywhere are working hard to get rid of this epidemic that has affected children and their family for many years, and although it is far more common for children to be affected by head lice, adults are far from exempt.

Dealing with head lice can be quite uncomfortable for both parents and children alike, but with the correct lice treatment and a few lice preventive measures, a head lice problem can quickly go away and you’ll find it more easy to sleep at night –both figuratively and metaphorically- knowing that your house and your children are free of head lice.


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