Ways to Avoid Spreading Lice

Ways to Avoid Spreading Lice

We live in the age of lightning fast information and front-facing self-portraits that allow everyone to express who they are to the world. But is the selfie craze also causing more lice infestations? It’s possible. According to experts, head lice transfers through direct head-to-head contact, and it seems that selfies are aiding head lice in getting to different heads quickly. Parents of teens, tweens and even young children are finding that the selfie generation is not being very careful with where they put their heads during one of these photos.

As a parent of a child who may partake in this form of self-expression, it is important that you recognize if there is a potential problem. Teaching your child not to put their head on another child’s head is only the first step to ensuring that your child does not contract head lice.

Fortunately, there are prevention products as well as treatment options available to you if your child does come home with a head full of lice.

Selfies do not cause head lice

It is easy to place the blame on a behavior that your child is performing for your child coming home with head lice. Unfortunately, it’s not really that simple. Yes, when children literally put their heads together, it can increase the chances of lice being transferred. But this behavior does not cause head lice to miraculously appear.

Head lice are as old as human beings…honestly. They’ve been around since our earliest ancestor, and the reason they’ve been able to survive for so long is due to their overwhelming ability to adapt. In fact, their evolution has reached a peak in recent years, creating what many researchers are dubbing them super lice. These lice are more difficult to get rid of than typical head lice, and they will eventually overtake the regular head lice as the only species of head lice to remain.

That being said, it is important to learn how to treat these super lice before they become out of hand.

Over-the-counter Lice Treatments

Many people have learned to go to the local drugstore and pick out an over-the-counter lice treatment in order to get rid of lice and nits on their child’s head. However, with the evolution of super lice, this is not a good idea. Over-the-counter lice treatments are very dangerous and very ineffective.

Most over-the-counter lice treatments contain harsh chemicals that could potentially harm your child’s developmental processes. These chemicals are often pesticides or harsh neurotoxins that have the potential to seep into your child’s nervous system and wreak havoc. In addition, these treatments often don’t even work against the super lice. They have adapted to be immune to the effects of the toxins present in these over-the-counter treatments, so the only thing you’d be hurting by using these lice treatments is your child. So if there are other options available to you, why risk your child’s health to ineffectively rid their head of lice and nits?


Because of the recent discovery of these super lice, companies have begun investing time and money into creating natural solutions for the treatment of head lice. ClearLice is one of these natural solutions. Made in Boca Raton, FL, ClearLice provides customers with the most effective natural head lice treatment.

Clearlice shampoos and conditioners are made with a unique formula that uses natural enzymes in order to breakdown head lice and nits quickly and safely, making them easier to remove. These peppermint-scented products are also very gentle and can be used like your normal shampoos and conditioners. It won’t even seem like you’re using a lice treatment product.

In addition, ClearLice also makes a number of prevention products as well, in order to protect your children from getting head lice in the first place. These shampoos and conditioners are also extremely gentle and come in both peppermint and lavender scents, which give your child the protection he or she needs without the disgusting chemical smell.

And if that wasn’t enough, ClearLice also makes environmental protection products that work to protect your children from becoming reinfested through carpets, linens or furniture. Simply use the laundry additive and household sprays in and around your home in order to protect your child from getting head lice again. These products are made with a natural formula that is safe to use for your children and your household pets. The only things that will be affected are the head lice.


Head lice is a pain for any parent to have to deal with, but with products like ClearLice, you can be sure that your child will be treated with the best and most effective product. It is the safest option for your child. Don’t let the allure of over-the-counter treatments fool you because they are not as effective nor are they as safe as ClearLice.

Try ClearLice today and be lice-free tomorrow!

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