Watch ClearLice Natural Shampoo Work

My name is Howard Shecter and I’m the president and founder of ClearLice. I filmed this two minute video to show you that ClearLice is safe for your children and to show you how it works on live head lice. Keep watching, we’ll show you in a minute. You can see my wife applying the shampoo to my son’s hair. He’s having a good time because it feels just like regular shampoo, there’s no burning or itching. ClearLice was born when one of my kids came home from school with head lice, my wife ran to the drug store and bought an over the counter treatment. After two weeks and multiple treatments the lice were still there and had spread to the entire family. We wound up spending hundreds of dollars on ineffective and dangerous products. We were totally frustrated and at our wit’s end.

I was determined to find a way to get rid of these annoying pest with a natural and safe solution. I contacted my friend who is a chemist and after two years of research and development, we put together a natural formula that really works. Our special formula is gentle, safe, and good for your hair.

ClearLice uses natural ingredients from around the world to break open the shells of the lice and the nits, this is a mechanical process, not chemical. Unlike store brands lice can never become immune to these natural ingredients. All ClearLice products are made and bottled in a FDA lab right here in the United States. We have helped thousands of families like yours get rid of head lice, we can help you too. You have my personal guarantee that ClearLice will end your head lice nightmare. Thank you for watching.

Thank you for watching.

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