Treatment for Resistant Lice

Treatment for Resistant Lice

It’s true! A high number of lice populations have developed gene mutations that make them resistant to over-the-counter treatment. According to research presented at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting, at least 25 states within America have reported these mutant lice populations. While this news can cause tons of stress to parents with school age children, it is best to learn more about how to prevent and treat lice with other methods.

Preventing Mutant Lice

While the term “mutant lice” is showing up on news casts and articles around the country, it doesn’t mean there is no hope to rid your child’s hair from the itchy pests. Your first line of defense is prevention. Inspect your child’s hair at least twice a week. It is best to inspect wet hair and carefully comb through the hair beginning at the scalp using a nit comb or specialty lice comb.

You are looking for tiny white eggs that are stuck to the strands of hair located close to the scalp. Also you are on-the-look out for adult lice which you can actually see crawling around. They are about the size and color of a sesame seed.

Do Not Panic if Lice is Found

Usually parents find out their child has lice during inspection of their child’s hair or an email or phone call from their child’s school. The immediate reaction of most parents is pure panic. It’s not easy to learn your child has tiny bugs in their hair. Lice feed on human blood and survive up to 48 hours when away from a source of food, also referred to as a host. They are not known to spread or cause disease.

Alert Others of a Head Lice Infestation

When you learn that your child has lice, the last thing you will feel like doing is shouting it out from the rooftop to let everyone know. But, you should! Well, not from the roof top, most-likely via email, text message or a quick phone call. You will need to contact your child’s school and inform any parents at the local play ground or wherever your child has visited over the past 10 days. Chances are some of those children may have lice too. The reason you want to alert others is to lessen the risk of future head lice infestations.

Treating Head Lice

As soon as you learn your child has lice, inspect your entire family to see if it has already spread. You don’t have to check the dog or other pets, since lice feed and survive on humans only. Take action by creating a plan to get rid of lice.

You will want to purchase a special comb used for removing lice often called a “nit” comb. You can find this type of comb at your local pharmacy. Since the over-the-counter head lice treatments may not be working, depending if you are dealing with the mutant lice population or not, you will want to focus on other methods of removing lice from your child’s hair.

The Best Head Lice Treatment Options

To take immediate action, you will need to search for a head lice treatment that does not contain chemicals and pesticides since lice have grown resistant to lice treatments that contain these. These chemicals and pesticides have created these mutant lice or resistant lice. You will need to find a natural lice treatment. Head lice cannot grow resistant to natural ingredients.

Naturally Get Rid of Lice: ClearLice

Many parents have serious concerns about using chemical lice treatments on their children already. Now with the news that most over-the-counter lice treatments are not working on lice, it is encouraging parents to find other treatment options.

A popular option is natural lice treatment. Specifically ClearLice is a natural option that gets the job done and works when other products have failed. ClearLice will treat resistant lice. The treatment includes shampoo, conditioner, enzyme laundry additive and household spray. It’s everything you need to get rid of lice and nits from your head and your home. It is void of pesticides, poisons and harsh chemicals, plus it has a soft peppermint scent that kids and adults love.

How to Get Rid of Lice

Use a natural lice treatment to get rid of lice and nits as soon as possible. You will want to follow the directions of the treatment completely to assure all of the lice is removed from the hair and scalp.

You will also need to vacuum the carpets and furniture where the person infected with lice has laid down or rested their head. Also you will want to wash pillow cases, sheets, bedding and clothing. Remember to remind your children to avoid sharing their scarf, hat, brush, comb and clothing with their friends and avoid head-to-head contact to help prevent getting lice. Take preventative measures, alert others, take action immediately and use a natural lice treatment.

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