Treating Lice Right

Treating Lice Right

When you send your child to school each day, there is never a feeling of uneasiness or discomfort. That is, until you happen upon a long line outside the nurse’s office one day when you had to bring your child’s lunchbox back to school after they left it in the car. You ignore the line, and tell yourself that it’s nothing more than one of the latest pro-health screenings offered by the administration.

Then, you start to see a trend amongst the boys in your child’s class. They have all shaved their heads. It could just be a something started by one of the trendsetters in the class, and you still choose to ignore the happenstance and move on with your day. In the back of your mind, you consider the possibility of something more, but you have more important things to deal with.

And then your child comes home with a letter from the school. You read it, and realize that the line and the shaved heads had nothing to do with pro-health screenings or on-trend boys. There is head lice present in your child’s school, and now it is on you to keep your child and the rest of your family lice-free.

There are many different treatment options that are available to you should you be one of the unlucky parents that has to deal with a child with head lice. Some of these treatments are better than others, but you absolutely need to treat your child’s head lice. Most schools have a no-nit policy in place, which means that he or she will not be allowed back into school until he or she is completely devoid of lice and/or nits.

Choosing the right lice treatment can be stressful, so it’s important to look at and weigh all your options equally before you settle on a treatment.

Over-the-counter Lice Treatments

Many people head out to their local drugstore to get the latest and greatest in lice treatments. There are shampoos and conditioners, of course, that come over-the-counter, but there are also a number of machines that can be used to delouse your child and your home as well. They are much more costly than the chemically ridden shampoos and conditioners, but they tend to be safer as well.

The problem with the over-the-counter shampoo and conditioner lice treatments is that they are unsafe and ineffective. The chemicals and pesticides used in these over-the-counter treatments are actually neurotoxins that are supposed to attack lice and paralyze them, making the lice easier to remove. However, these chemicals also have the potential to seep into your child’s scalp and cause serious damage to their developmental processes and their nervous system. It is important to recognize what kind of product you are putting on your child’s head and any potential danger that can come from that product.

In addition, these over-the-counter treatments are ineffective. Recent studies have indicated that lice are becoming more resistant to the chemicals present in these over-the-counter treatments. Lice are extremely adaptive creatures, which means they have been able to evolve beyond the scope of the chemicals and pesticides in these over-the-counter treatments. Exposing your child to potentially harmful chemicals for a treatment that may not even work, seems like a risk not worth taking.


Because of the ineffectiveness of most over-the-counter treatments, companies have begun to invest in other forms of treatment, such as natural solutions. ClearLice, a natural lice treatment option made in Boca Raton, FL, is one of those solutions. It is the most effective natural head lice treatment around, and it is essential in getting your child back to being lice-free.

ClearLice shampoos and conditioners are SLS and pesticide-free, so you know exactly what you’re putting onto your child’s head. There are no complicated chemical compounds in ClearLice, and the peppermint-scented shampoos and conditioners are even gentle enough to be used like your regular shampoo and conditioners. ClearLice gives you the opportunity to have your family back to being lice-free in just one day. There are very few treatments out there that can guarantee that.

ClearLice also has preventative and environmental treatment products that are safe to use in your household. These products really work to ensure that your home as well as your family can live lice-free once more.


If you’re not sure if ClearLice is for you, you should try it to see just how well it works. It is safe; it is natural; it is effective. Once you try ClearLice products, you’ll never go back to another lice treatment again. Its natural formula is gentle for your kids and it works. It stops lice in their tracks and allows them to be combed out easier than it would with the leading over-the-counter brand.

Try ClearLice today and be lice-free tomorrow!

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