Treat Lice and Prevent a Lice Re-infestation

Treat and Prevent Lice

Summertime is supposed to be a time for fun in the sun, barbeques and most importantly no school! But just because a child is not in school, doesn’t mean they’re completely free from the annoyance of head lice. Summer camps can often be breeding grounds for these harmless, annoying insects. So in order to ensure that your child remains lice-free during their summer vacation, it is important for you to take some necessary steps in order to protect your family from head lice annoyances.

Head Lice Education

Head lice are small parasites that feed and live on the scalps of humans. They have been around for as long as humans have, and their highly adaptive nature makes them very difficult to get rid of. However, it is important that you learn as much as you can about head lice and their behaviors before you consider the best option for treating lice.

First of all, it is important to know that head lice are not dangerous. They do not transmit disease or cause infection. In some cases, a secondary infection can occur after intense bouts of scratching, but in general, head lice do not cause these infections. The reason why so many parents do not want their child to have head lice is because of the stigma associated with these vile creatures.

Over time, the notion of having head lice has become synonymous with “being dirty.” Not only is this stigma not true, it is also detrimental to the lice treatment process. Because people think people with head lice are “dirty,” they often want to get rid of lice as quickly as possible using whatever method they can. This lack of knowledge and research could potentially do more harm to your child than good.

It is important that you get beyond this negative stigma and focus on more productive and educated methods for getting rid of lice and nits.

Head Lice and Summer Camp

Like with school, summer camp can be a great environment for head lice to find hosts. Whether your child is in a day camp or a sleepaway camp, head lice can be lying in wait around every corner just for a chance to infest a new head. It is important that when you send your child to camp, you do what you can to try to prevent lice from sharing items that come into contact with other kids’ heads. This is a great way to prevent the spread of head lice from interfering with your child’s summer fun.

Finding the Right Head Lice Treatment

After you’ve done a little bit of research about head lice’s behavior, it is important that you shift your focus to finding the right head lice treatment for your child.

For many years, the most popular head lice treatments were over-the-counter head lice treatments. These lice treatments are filled with chemical compounds that are supposed to kill head lice quickly. However, over the last few years, it has been discovered that not only do these over-the-counter lice treatments not work, they also may be causing some health problems amongst the people who use them.

ClearLice: Get Rid of Lice

Recent studies have illuminated the chemicals and pesticides present in these over-the-counter lice treatments as dangerous and ineffective. Because head lice are such adaptive creatures, they have been able to evolve to resist the effects of these chemicals.

In response to this, many companies have begun to develop natural lice treatments as a way to combat the ever-changing head lice. ClearLice is one of these developments.

Made with a combination of natural enzymes, ClearLice is one of the most effective natural head lice treatments on the market. Its peppermint-scented formula is completely SLS and pesticide-free, and it works in just one day! No head lice treatment works faster or better than ClearLice!

ClearLice also makes a few other products that help to prevent head lice from becoming a problem in the first place. ClearLice Preventative Shampoo and Conditioner are gentle enough to be used every day, but are strong enough to ensure that head lice won’t come near your child’s head. This product is great for kids going away to summer camp! By having your child use the ClearLice lice repel shampoo and conditioner in place of their regular shampoo and conditioner, you are ensuring that your child will never have to deal with the hassle of having head lice!

Don’t waste another minute of being inundated with head lice. ClearLice head lice treatments are guaranteed to work in just one use! And with the ClearLice lice preventative products, you can be sure that your child will never have to know the annoyances of having head lice.

So what are you waiting for? Try ClearLice today and be lice-free tomorrow!

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