The Top 5 Places Lice Love To Hide In Your Home

Top 5 Places Lice Hide in the Home
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Top 5 Places Lice Hide in the Home

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Head lice can be stubborn little bugs that will do everything and anything to stay alive and live off you. These nasty bugs can live without a healthy host for 48 hours and nits can live off of the head for up to 10 days. Head lice will do everything within their power to remain alive while searching for a host. If you have a recurring head lice problem at home you have to consider all the options that head lice have when it comes to staying alive.

Keep in mind that head lice prefer a warm place with just the right amount of light and heat, and although it is not very uncommon for bugs to hibernate if the weather is too cold, head lice tend to prefer mild to warm weather conditions with just the right amount of moisture. Keep an eye out for these common hiding spots for head lice and take the appropriate preventative measures to prevent a head lice outbreak in your home, school or workplace and make sure to do a thorough inspection of common places where lice hide in your home.

Lice on Hats and Headgear

Easily one of the most common hiding spots for head lice and the one that is most commonly overlooked, hats provide the perfect spot for head lice to hide while waiting for their next victim and this is one of the main reasons why we advise against sharing hats and other headgear such as winter caps, beanies, headbands etc. Remember how we said that lice love looking for warm, spots that provide just the perfect amount of light? Hats are one of these perfect environments and making sure to stay away from clothes that have been used by people known to have head lice problems is one of the easiest, most effective ways to prevent a head lice outbreak.

Lice on Couch Cushions

Couch cushions also provide the perfect environment for head lice while they continue their search for a host. Couch Cushions and the fabric that covers them provides the right amount of contact with human hosts, giving lice the perfect opportunity to find a new host while providing plenty of hiding spots within the fabric or the cushion themselves. If these cushions have been in direct contact with fabric couches then this could potentially be a recipe for disaster as you will likely have to get the couches treated for lice. The best course of action of course is preventive treatment for you and your family in the form of a repellant spray or shampoo.

Lice on Clothing

Remember what we said about never sharing personal items with other people? This applies to clothing as well, especially those made out of natural fibers such as cotton and silk as these fabrics are the perfect hiding spots for head lice and other nasty bugs. If you think your clothes might have head lice in them you might want to consider washing them in hot water with some sort of powerful detergent that won’t damage the fabric. If you’re not sure then opt for a more preventive measure like the ones we have previously discussed. Again, in these cases common sense can go a long ways towards preventing a head lice outbreak. Finally, make sure to look out not only for head lice but for nits as well.

Lice on Car Seats

While you might be certain that your home is free of head lice, there are other spots where these nasty little bugs could be waiting for you. In fact, one of the most common spots where head lice can be found waiting for their next victim are car seats. These car seats, just like couch cushions provide the perfect amount of heat and light and are also a very common spot for humans to sit for extended periods of time. If you add up all of these factors, you can see why car seats are the one of the most dangerous spots when it comes to avoiding a recurring head lice problem. If you have done a complete inspection of your home and are still fighting these bugs, you might consider using a repellent spray along with a complete cleanup and vacuuming of your car seats and pretty much any surfaces covered by fabric.

Lice on Carpets

We all know how comfortable carpet can be, but did you know that carpet is one of the most common hiding spots for head lice and other bugs? Carpet can provide the warmth needed by head lice to survive for as long as possible without a host and the fact that humans (specially children) spend a lot of time laying on it or sitting on it means that these bugs can strike at any time. Keep an eye out especially in places like your kids’ bedroom and living room.

Lice Home Treatment

ClearLice is a natural lice treatment  product line. ClearLice provides products to treat the lice infested head as well as the lice infested home environment. They have a natural laundry additive that is used to get rid of lice and nits from your washable items and a natural household spray that is used to eliminate lice and nits form your non-washable items. It is important to treat your environment to prevent a lice re-infestation.

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