The Effects of Head Lice

The Effects of Head Lice

The Effects of Head Lice

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Head Lice Treatment

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Lice are familiar to parents of primary school aged children. Every year millions of students within the United States experience a lice infestation. These common parasitic insects are more of a nuisance than anything else. They do not carry disease, or spread bacteria and germs. Knowing the effects of having lice will help ensure that the treatment you choose will be comprehensive.

What Are Head Lice?

This is the first question many parents ask themselves when they hear the startling news that their child has a head lice infestation. Head lice are small insects that resemble sesame seeds. They live their entire life on a human host where they consume blood for food and reproduce. Lice eggs, also known as nits, are securely attached to the hair strands located close to the scalp by female adult lice, using a sticky substance.

Itchy Scalp and Head Lice

Lice use a needle-like mouth to bite the scalp to consume blood. At times, the bite can irritate some children and adults who are sensitive to lice saliva. This usually results in intense itching. Scratching at the irritation can sometimes inflame skin or produce small cuts and bleeding, which can later become infected. Some people may never experience any itching and a lice infestation can easily go unnoticed for two or three months.

Those who experience itching and proceed to scratch using their finger nails may have small, red bumps that become crusty and ooze liquid. This can put the lice sufferer at risk of developing open sores and further infection. If you see this type of situation or any infection on your child’s scalp it is wise to visit the doctor immediately. Generally, the doctor will prescribe topical ointment to help heal the sores and prevent further infection. Teaching your child not to scratch, even though they are itching, can be helpful in preventing infection due to a lice infestation.

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Insecticide Reaction to Head Lice Treatment

Parents usually rush to their nearest pharmacy the moment they learn their child has head lice, which results in frantically purchasing the harshest and strongest chemical lice treatment available. While this head lice treatment has been popular for centuries, it is also known for containing harsh chemicals that have been linked to seizures, certain types of cancer and death.

Immunity to Chemical Lice Treatment

Many of the lice treatments on the market today have been created with a variety of harsh chemicals. While these common products have been used to treat lice for centuries, the lice have also managed to build up immunity to the treatments, causing them to be ineffective when getting rid of lice and nits.

Natural Lice Treatment

Parents have been exposed to a variety of information regarding lice infestations and lice treatment. The wide spread news has alarmed parents due to the details of the possibilities of it negatively affecting their child’s health. This topic has forced parents to find alternative solutions to getting rid of lice and natural lice treatment is top choice. The popular natural lice treatment of choice is ClearLice, which is void of pesticides, poisons, harsh chemicals and is known to work when others have failed.It is guaranteed to get rid of lice and nits in one day and will even eliminate resistant lice that other treatments cannot. Children and adults also like the delightful soft scent of peppermint.

This natural lice treatment also gives you the option to purchase products individually or in a kit. Products to choose from include natural shampoo, conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray, shower caps and stainless steel nit combs. You will surely be ready for a lice infestation any time.

Lice infestations can range from moderate to severe, depending on the amount of time the lice and nits have been on the scalp. There is a possibility that an infestation can go unnoticed for a few months, allowing the lice to severely infest the scalp and hair. It is wise to take preventative measures so that you can begin treatment before the condition gets worse.

Head Lice Preventative Measures

Regularly check your child’s hair while it is wet for lice and nits. Use a fine toothed comb and a bright light to get a close look at your child’s scalp. You will also want to teach your child to avoid sharing their hairbrush, comb, hair accessories, hats, scarf’s and clothing with their friends. Lice can easily get attached to the fabric and crawl onto the head of others and begin an infestation.

Having lice affects the entire family. While you may be able to prevent it from spreading through the household, everyone still feels the effects of the infestation. While the sufferer is the one that feels it the most, others around them have to avoid using blankets, pillows, bedding and furniture that the person with lice has used.

ClearLice also makes a line of lice prevention products. ClearLice repel shampoo and ClearLice leave-in spray repel conditioner are made of natural ingredients and can be used on the head daily to help prevent a lice infestation.

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