The Best Way to Safeguard Kids Against Head Lice as They Head Back to School

Learn how to prevent lice this school year!
Learn how to prevent lice this school year!
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Head Lice Treatment

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We are officially in the back-to-school season and wondering where summer vacation went. Maybe your child has already had their first day, or maybe it’s coming up soon. Either way, this time of year is associated with something else: avoiding the dreaded head lice. You’ve heard your friends talk about it, or maybe you wanted to burn your house down after lice went through your family or maybe you were lucky enough to dodge them after receiving that school note that inevitably ends up on your dining room table each year.  So why in the world are lice even an issue? What can you do as a parent to keep your child protected? Let’s get into it all, and how you can prevent head lice from occurring, how to get rid of head lice, and more.

What is Head Lice?

Head lice are tiny parasitic insects that attach themselves to human hair. These insects feed off of tiny amounts of blood from the scalp, which explains why they attach themselves to the hair shaft. While head lice are not known to be dangerous or to spread disease, they are a major nuisance and definitely require treatment to remove them. In addition to the lice, they also lay their eggs, called nits, which will eventually result in more head lice should you not seek treatment – or worse yet, it could spread to your entire family or child’s classroom!

Contrary to popular belief, getting head lice is not a sign of poor health or bad hygiene practices. Head lice do not discriminate!  Head lice are also highly contagious and for this reason, once you start seeing the itching going on and recognize the tiny mischief makers, you should not wait to seek treatment.

What are the Symptoms?

A person suffering from head lice will more than likely experience an incredibly itchy scalp. In fact, itchiness is the hallmark symptom people experience that causes them to check for head lice. An itchy scalp does not mean you have head lice (as itchiness could be caused by some other scalp issue, such as dandruff), but rather, excessive itchiness should prompt you to perform a scalp check to see if you can find any living lice or nits.

What are other symptoms that mean you might have lice? If you suffer from itching that gets worse at night, feel as though there is something moving in your hair, or have any sort of sores (which are the result of itching), there is a good chance you have head lice.  This is the exact reason why we tell a lot of our customers and others interested, that the best way to keep your house stress-free is to keep this natural head lice treatment handy at all times!  Who wants to run around like a crazy person from store to store trying to figure out what works only to find that what you bought doesn’t solve the problem.

Why are Children More Susceptible?

While it is true that anyone can get head lice, children are far more likely to become infested. Why? The answer mainly has to do with how head lice spread. Head lice spread primarily by direct head to head contact. Head lice cannot jump or fly, so this direct contact is the main way they will spread from person to person. Children, while in school, experience a ton of direct contact like this during activities like recess and nap time. For this reason, infestation amounts are much higher in school-aged children than any other demographic.

Back to school tends to be that time for infestations, as children are returning to the classroom and spending a lot of time together in close proximity. We’re here to tell you that you are not totally defenseless and you can solve this problem with ease!  Not only are there natural remedies for head lice, there are also effective head lice prevention products that can help your child avoid head lice altogether.

How to Prepare For Back to School

If you aren’t sure what head lice treatment options you have, we can help. OTC products still remain the most talked about treatment options, but the reality is that 70% of these products simply won’t work because head lice have developed a resistance to the main chemicals used in these products.

The best way to prepare for back to school is to begin using a product that helps prevent head lice from ever occurring in the first place. ClearLice in particular is one of the few companies that carries a line of lice prevention products. The ingredients in these products (which include essential oils and botanicals) are gentle enough to use every day. Head lice do not like the scent of these oils (in particular, the peppermint scent), which helps keep your child protected from becoming infested.  Our natural head lice treatment contains ingredients that naturally destroy the head lice and prevent them from laying any new eggs.  It does this within 1 day!  Because no chemicals are used, there is no risk that the head lice will develop a resistance or become immune. And who doesn’t want to use something that has no chemicals in it?

Be prepared

Keep in mind there is no way to 100% protect yourself or your child from head lice. Should your child become infested, be prepared by having a trusted treatment ready to remove all of the lice and nits fast so that you know it won’t spread. Also keep in mind that lice prevention products can not treat lice as lice treatment products can – so again, be prepared!

And now we want to hear from you!  Comment telling us about your lice story – or maybe there have been some crazy stories you’ve heard about – either way, we want to hear from you.

Here’s to a successful school year of being lice-free!  #licestayawayfrommykid 😉

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