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Everyone wants to get rid of lice as soon as possible once they realize the bugs have become a part of their life.  There are a variety of ways in which you can treat head lice, but using a lice comb – also known as a nit comb – is always going to be a part of any lice treatment method.  Your chances of success are going to be considerably increased through the use of a nit comb, so you definitely want to buy one that’s really going to live up to your needs.  Not all combs are made alike, however, so we’re going to walk you through what to look for in a great comb, as well as the importance of combing and how to go about it.

Combing Is Always Best

You might be thinking, “All I really need is a great lice shampoo, and I’m set,” but you may be wrong.  For one thing, many of the over the counter treatments available on the market are proving to be ineffective.  This is because the continued use of one type of chemical pesticide in all of these products has led to lice adapting genetic mutations that provide them with immunity to these chemicals. 

These strains of lice are known as “Super Lice,” and are now found throughout the country.  It’s likely that you could use an over the counter product and have it not even faze the lice.

If you need a little more encouragement in taking the time to comb out lice, take into consideration the nature of the creature.  Lice lay an egg in a special sac known as a nit, which they attach to the hair shaft with glue-like saliva.  This glue keeps the nit firmly in place when you wash your hair, so, even if you manage to wash out the adult lice, you’ll still have a crop of baby lice waiting to hatch out and start the cycle all over again.  Even more encouraging is the fact that various studies have been performed by a variety of scientific organizations around the world, and they have all found that the use of a lice comb dramatically increases the likelihood of successful lice treatment.

Finding the Right Lice Comb

There are combs, and then there are lice combs.  The regular sort of combs that you’re used to using for everyday haircare aren’t the combs that you need to use.  A lice comb is a specific type of comb that has very fine teeth which are placed very close together.  Lice are extremely small, and their nits are even smaller, so you need a very fine-toothed comb in order to capture them, and remove them from the scalp and hair of the person affected. 

You can find a variety of nit combs on the market from all kinds of companies, and it’s perfectly fine to buy one on its own.  However, many lice treatment kits will come with a lice comb, so you may find it more convenient and/or economical to purchase everything together as a whole package.

You’ll find plastic and metal-toothed combs when you go to purchase one, and the metal nit combs are the ones you want to focus on.  The metal combs are far more durable and aren’t likely to break like the teeth of plastic combs.  Many people also like the fact that nit combs with metal teeth are more rigid and won’t move so much during the combing process, making it less likely that lice and nits will slip between the teeth of the comb.

Combing Procedures

It’s easiest to comb out lice and their nits when the hair is wet, especially with some kind of lubricant.  This is why you hear from a lot of people that you should use olive oil or other lubricants to help get rid of lice.  This is certainly something you can do, or you can buy products specifically manufactured to help smother the lice and make them a lot slower – and therefore a lot easier to capture.

Since lice and nits are so small, you’ll need to do your combing in a well-lighted place, such as under a lamp or outside in direct sunlight.  Don’t try to comb through all of the hair at once; you’re going to have to be meticulous, here.  Take the hair in sections, and simply work your way through gradually, combing from the scalp all the way up the strands of hair.  You can take the lice and nits off in a glass or container of soapy water.  Once you’ve worked through all of the hair, go back through as many times as it takes for you to pull the comb through and not find anything.  The whole process is really that simple.

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