Super Lice Eradicated With Single At-Home Treatment

Super Lice Eradicated with Single Lice Treatment
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Super Lice Eradicated with Single Lice Treatment

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4.92 out of 5
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Boca Raton, FL – March 5 2014

In recent years, a new strain of head lice has appeared. Super lice, as they are commonly known, are immune to the ingredients found in many head lice treatments, and pose a growing problem for parents and school nurses everywhere.

Super lice are the result of decades of Americans using chemically-based lice treatments at home. The most common over-the-counter lice treatments use a slight dose of pesticide to poison the insects, but now head lice are becoming increasingly resistant to those chemicals.

“Now, you either have to use higher doses of pesticide to get rid of them, or find another way to attack them,” said Howard Shecter, lice expert and CEO of ClearLice. “ClearLice attacks lice differently, and that’s why this is the fastest and most effective way to kill super lice.”

Shecter explained that instead of pesticides and other chemicals, the ClearLice formula uses natural ingredients to simulate the molting process of head lice, which stops them from multiplying and re-infesting. Once the exoskeleton (outer shell) of the lice and nits are broken, they cannot survive when exposed to the formula. “Bugs simply cannot build up a resistance to this formula,” stated Shecter, “and it can’t be found in any lab or special treatment center; in fact, anyone can use this at home, and it gets rid of lice in only one treatment”.

“I created this treatment years ago when we couldn’t get rid of my son’s super lice, but I had no idea that super lice would become the problem that it is today. I just want to make sure that parents won’t have to deal with the same headaches I did,” said Shecter. This news should give parents everywhere peace of mind.

About ClearLice

ClearLice has been in business for almost 6 years. Their product was developed after the owner’s son contracted head lice from school. After purchasing several over-the-counter treatment products that did not work, Shecter researched and created his own natural head lice remedy, which can get rid of head lice in one day.


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