Super Lice Attack

super lice attack

For quite some time when people were dealing with head lice they turned to over-the-counter lice treatment shampoos that contain chemicals and insecticides. These chemical products used to be effective at getting rid of head lice, but due to continued use of these treatments lice have evolved and become stronger. Most lice are now resistant to chemical treatments, they are known as super lice.

Chemical Lice Treatment V. Natural Lice Treatment

Since the common OTC lice treatments are so accessible, people continue to use them to try to treat infestations. This is no longer killing lice and leads to repeat purchases of different store brand products containing the same or very similar ingredients. This is prolonging the amount of time children must stay home from school and causing the amount of money spent on treatments to skyrocket.

With this issue of resistant lice spreading across 25 states, new treatments to effectively get rid of lice have been developed. Treatments containing only natural ingredients that are void of pesticides are now growing in popularity. Head lice cannot become immune to a natural lice treatment.

The Spread of Lice

Head lice are most commonly spread by direct contact, like children touching heads with one another by hugging or playing together. Kids are often in close proximity to other kids in school, day care or camp – so head lice is most prevalent among them as opposed to adults.

Head lice can spread from one individual to another by indirect contact. This means the sharing pillows, blankets, hats, clothing, hair brushes, and even sitting on furniture.

Head lice cases increase when kids return from camp and winter break due to sharing of beds and closeness with friends and relatives.

Whether you are clean or dirty does not determine whether or not you will get lice. If you have hair you are susceptible to contracting head lice.

Head lice do not carry or spread disease, they are more of a nuisance than anything. If you do not effectively treat a case of head lice then they will not go away. The lice eggs will continue to hatch and the 30 day life cycle will continue until all lice and eggs are eradicated.

 New Ways to Kill Lice

By repeatedly treating head lice infestations with the same treatments lice have mutated and evolved into a stronger strain of parasite. This mutation has caused lice to become resistant to common chemical treatments and similar treatments or medications that use toxins or pesticides to kill lice. Currently, the only way to treat lice is to take a very different approach. Instead of using a chemical treatment containing pyrethroids, a natural treatment should be used.

Natural treatments are not only more effective they are also safer to use on young children’s sensitive scalps. It is important to choose a natural treatment that targets both lice and lice eggs to ensure you are completely halting the lice life cycle and ending your infestation for good.

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