Why do Store Brands Fail?

Why Lice Store Brands Fail

Every year, parents of school-aged children dread getting a note sent home saying that head lice have been found at the school. Every year, parents rush out to the local Walmart, Walgreens, or CVS to stock up on supplies for fighting head lice. But, the problem with that practice is that it doesn’t yield the desired results of actually getting rid of head lice.

How do Lice Spread?

In order to combat head lice, it is important to understand these creatures. They are tiny insects that attach themselves to strands of hair and feed off the blood and scalp secretions atop the human head. They blend in with the surrounding hair, remain there, reproduce and spread to the next head. The good news about these creatures is that they are incapable of jumping or flying, so the only way they can be transferred from one head to another is through head-to-head contact. This will allow the lice to crawl from hair strand to hair strand. They can also be transferred from linens to the human head if the linens have been exposed to head lice recently enough.

Knowing this will make you better prepared at trying to prevent lice from taking over your child’s head, but if lice manage to break through anyway, you’ll need to be well-informed of your treatment options.

The Problem with Over-the-Counter Treatments

Despite the advertisements, over-the-counter treatments for head lice are not the most adept products for getting rid of lice and nits. Recently, it has been discovered that lice, or what scientists are now referring to as ‘super lice,’ have adapted to become immune to the effects of the chemicals often used in over-the-counter products.

Speaking of chemicals used in over-the-counter products, it has become apparent in the last few years that the chemicals are potentially dangerous to your child’s health. They contain common pesticides and neurotoxins that could interfere with your child’s development if he or she becomes over-exposed to them. Considering that over-the-counter treatments are not that effective in treating head lice, do you really want to expose your child to potential harm?

Over-the-counter treatments are not going to help you get rid of lice and nits, but there is a product that will.

ClearLice Treatments for Head Lice

Knowing that over-the-counter methods have been failing, companies have begun to invest in natural lice remedies to give consumers the best chance for getting rid of lice and nits. ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL is one of those companies. Through research and testing, ClearLice has developed a natural product that works really well against head lice and nits. There are shampoos, conditioners, household sprays, laundry additives, and even repellents all contained under the ClearLice umbrella. These products will get you, your family, and your household lice-free quickly and effectively without any harm to your child’s head.

Essentially, the way it works is very similar to other lice treatments. You simply douse the affected head in the ClearLice shampoo and cover with a shower cap for about 40 minutes. Then, you rinse with warm water. You repeat the process, only this time covering the affected head with a shower cap for only 20 minutes.

After that, you put the ClearLice conditioner on the affected head. This will allow the next step to be completed without pulling out your child’s hair, both literally and figuratively because the next step is the most crucial step: combing out the lice and nits. Take the ClearLice steel comb and work through your child’s hair, making sure you rinse off the comb before placing it back in your child’s hair. After this process is done, perform a thorough lice check to make sure all remnants of the creatures have been removed. If they have, rinse out your child’s hair with warm water and towel dry.

You will then need to launder all the towels, linens, blankets, clothing, etc. that came into contact with your child’s head while he or she was infested with lice. The ClearLice laundry additive makes it easy for you. Simply wash the linens, etc. with the additive in warm water and then dry them in the dryer for at least 45 minutes on a semi-high heat. This will ensure that all the bugs have been removed.


While over-the-counter treatments for head lice have been around a long time that may actually be their downfall. Lice have evolved to be immune to the effects of the chemicals most commonly used in over-the-counter treatments, which means that they will not work in the fight against head lice. But, ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL will. ClearLice is a natural alternative to over-the-counter head lice treatments. Try ClearLice today, and be lice-free tomorrow!

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