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Stop Head Lice
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Head Lice Treatment

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Anyone who has had or has school-aged children knows one universal truth when it comes to dealing with the nuisance of head lice: it is a pain. Having to research the best treatment options and then having to take the time to actually treat head lice are both things that can be avoided if your child doesn’t have the misfortune of contracting head lice.

Unfortunately, due to the fast-spreading nature of head lice, it is difficult to ensure that your child will not get head lice. Until now.

There are plenty of methods out there for treating head lice and you’ve heard the strengths and weaknesses of them all, but did you know that there are products out there that will actually allow you to prevent head lice from invading your child’s scalp in the first place?

Before you think about what lice repellent product is best-suited to your needs, it is more prudent to first know the enemy that is head lice.

Head Lice Basics

Head lice are tiny, pale brown insects that survive atop human heads. They feed off secretions from the scalp and take refuge in the hair shafts of heads closest to the scalp. The heat that comes off a person’s head is essential for head lice to survive. In addition, their close proximity to the scalp makes feeding that much easier.

Once they’ve taken refuge atop someone’s head, head lice begin to lay eggs, or nits. These nits are even more difficult to remove than the lice themselves. The nits are cemented to each hair shaft with a glue-like substance that is nearly impossible to crack without some sort of agent that deactivates it, which is why lice treatments are so important.

Lice live for about 30 days on a human head, but they typically lay eggs on one head and then move onto the next head. Contrary to popular belief, lice do not move from one head to another by jumping or flying because they are incapable of doing either behavior. Instead, they spread by crawling from one head to another or from an infested item to a head. Direct head-to-head contact is the most likely mode of transportation for a head louse, but it is possible for them to spread through items as well. The latter is far less likely to happen given the fact that lice can only survive about 36 hours off of a human head, but it is still a possibility and, therefore, worth knowing.

Knowing how lice work is essential to understanding how you can protect your child and your family from lice outbreaks.

Preventative Measures

Before you turn to treatments or repellents, it is important that you take the necessary precautions with regard to preventing head lice. Teaching your children how lice spread could actually help them to ensure that they learn to protect themselves. For instance, by teaching your child about how lice spread through direct head-to-head contact most of the time, your child could alter his or her behavior to ensure that his or her head won’t be in the vicinity of someone who has head lice. Likewise, teaching them not to share items that could also carry head lice is important as well. These precautions are helpful in preventing the spreading of head lice, but they are not the only things that will save your child the agony of contracting head lice.

ClearLice Repel

While altering a child’s behavior is an essential part of preventing head lice from spreading, there are also products that can help you as well. ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL, is a line of natural lice repellents and treatments that will help you keep you and your family free from head lice.

ClearLice repellents use natural enzymes and herbs to prevent lice from entering your child’s head. The ClearLice Repel Shampoo is a natural, lavender and peppermint-scented shampoo that lice hate and kids love. The ClearLice Repel Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner are SLS-free, paraben-free, and pesticide-free, which means that they are both safe and effective methods for preventing the spreading of head lice.

Simply use the ClearLice Repel Shampoo as you would your regular shampoo, rinse, and dry the hair. Then, once the hair has been dried and/or styled, spray in the ClearLice leave-in conditioner for an added layer of protection. By using these products and practicing other preventative methods, you will be saving your child and yourself from the hassle of having to treat head lice.


Head lice are a pain to have to deal with, but unfortunately, they tend to come with the territory of having a school-aged child. But before you worry about what treatments will be best for your child when he or she inevitably comes home with head lice, take a more proactive approach to prevent head lice from spreading to your child. Simple preventative measures and the ClearLice prevention kit can help to ensure your child remains lice-free.

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