Sophie and her ClearLice Experience

Sophie's ClearLice Experience
Sophie's ClearLice Experience
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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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Here at ClearLice we love hearing the stories of how our products have helped other people to get rid of lice; especially when they have tried other products before as we can get the chance to hear just how effective our products are and how much they can help people in their own personal battles against head lice. One of the cases that moved us the most came to us recently from a little girl named Sophie who lives in the Midwest. She had been struggling with a recurring head lice problem and her mom and dad had tried pretty much every product they could get before they found out about ClearLice.

When we say that this case really moved us- it is because in her letter, Sophie’s mom had described to us how frustrating it was to get their hopes up when they tried a new product and how disappointing it was for them to find out that most of these treatments are not effective at all. The fact that head lice have developed an immunity against most of the products you can find at pharmacies and convenience stores made her search for the right product very difficult. And this is perhaps the reason she was hesitant to try our products at first “When I first heard about ClearLice, I have to confess I was not very convinced about the effectiveness of their products. All this time we were lead to believe that all-natural products are not very helpful when it comes to dealing with head lice but we have to say we were pleasantly surprised with ClearLice” said Sophie’s mom when we asked her about her experience with our products.

After all, we have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry to believe that natural products are a thing of the past, but what we fail to realize is that these products have been used for centuries because they simply work, with no side effects and without any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Sophie herself was also starting to get frustrated because she had been sent home from school several times, the fact that the teacher told the classroom that there was a head lice outbreak at school made the entire situation extremely uncomfortable for her because children can be extremely cruel. Sophie ended up missing two weeks of school due to this problem because obviously the school wouldn’t accept her back while she still had the head lice.

Sophie’s parents were starting to get extremely frustrated and even considered shaving her hair off; an experience that can be devastating to a young girl. Fortunately, they found out about ClearLice right before they had to take this drastic decision “I ended up finding out about ClearLice through the school staff, the assistant principal told us about a school she had worked at before and how they got rid of the problem almost immediately using ClearLice’s line of products. We went on the website and ordered the Single Size Lice Treatment Kit and we had it shipped overnight”. Sophie’s parents were extremely delighted with the results they were able to obtain when using our products. “We noticed the difference almost immediately. With other products we had used it felt like were hurting Sophie by using all these chemicals on her hair and scalp, but from the moment you open a bottle of ClearLice you notice a more natural smell, you can tell right away that this is a natural product”.

Sophie also noticed the effects of ClearLice right away, her parents reported that she was able to go back to her school within 24 hours as the head lice were gone after the first day! “I will forever recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from head lice, we tried every product out there and nothing even comes close to ClearLice, we are extremely satisfied with this product and the customer service we received from this amazing company” said Sophie’s dad in the touching letter that they sent to us.

Do you have a similar story that you would like to share with us? We love hearing customer feedback and nothing is more valuable to us than a satisfied customer. If you’d like to share your story with us please contact us at [email protected]


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