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Safe V Unsafe Lice Treatments

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Head Lice Treatment

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When a child comes home from school, scratching his or her head more than usual, he or she may have accidentally picked up head lice from another student at school. Head lice are tiny, parasitic insects that live and feed on the scalps of humans. Children are very vulnerable to the spread of head lice because these creatures will crawl from one head to another when children are in close proximity to one another.

Because of the frequency with which head lice seem to invade the heads of children, it is important for parents to know how to treat them. There are many methods for doing this, and each of them have their respective benefits and downfalls. But some of those downfalls can be potentially hazardous to your children. That’s why it is important to find a method of treatment that will be deadly for head lice, but safe for your child.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

Many parents treat their children’s case of head lice the same way that their parents treated their children’s case: by using over-the-counter chemical treatments. The problem with this methodology as a form for treating head lice is that these over-the-counter treatments often use chemicals and pesticides in order to kill and remove head lice.

Lindane, pyrethrin and permethrin are all chemicals that are used in over-the-counter head lice treatments, and they are also powerful neurotoxins. The way they are supposed to work against head lice is by neutralizing their movements, preventing them from getting the food they need to survive. These neurotoxins have the potential to seep into your child’s nervous system, and cause developmental damage to it. In extreme cases, it could affect your child’s ability to move and function normally.

The other problem with these hazardous treatments is that they are extremely ineffective. A recent study showed that lice are highly adaptive and they have evolved to be resistant to the very chemicals and pesticides that have been used against them in the past. Because of this, using the over-the-counter treatments as a means for eradicating head lice is unsafe and unreliable.

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It’s not worth exposing your child to dangerous chemicals, especially if the treatment is as unreliable as over-the-counter treatments.

At-Home Remedies

With word of chemical-resistant “super lice” spreading like wildfire, many people have begun to search for alternative treatment methods that can be done at home. Some of the more popular treatments include vinegar and mayonnaise, but the thing most of these treatments have in common is that they also require a plastic bag to be placed over your child’s head during the treatment. This is potentially dangerous. The bag has the capacity to slip over your child’s head and suffocate them. Given the viscosity of the oil-based mayonnaise, it seems likely that the plastic bags will slip down past your child’s hairline and over his/her nose and/or mouth.

In addition, whatever you use on your child’s head to help treat your child’s head lice has the potential to seep into your child’s eyes and skin. If vinegar gets into your child’s eyes, it could cause a burning sensation, which can prove unpleasant. If too much of it gets into his or her eyes, it could cause problems with vision.

Like the over-the-counter treatments, at-home treatments are not guaranteed to work. While there are many testimonials online that “prove” the effectiveness of these treatments, there is no scientific basis for whether or not they actually work. It is not worth exposing your child to harmful treatments, especially when there is a better option available.


Companies have begun to invest in safe, natural treatment options for head lice. ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL is one of those companies. They have created a natural lice treatment and prevention product line. ClearLice uses a natural enzyme combination that works to breakdown head lice making them easier to remove.

ClearLice shampoos and conditioners are SLS and pesticide-free. The peppermint-scented treatments are essential for a successful lice treatment that is both effective and safe to use. There is no potential for any toxins to seep into your child’s system, and the shampoo and conditioner can be used like your regular shampoo and conditioner. This means that there is also no potential for suffocation to occur either.

If you’re looking for a safe and natural way to treat head lice, look no further than ClearLice. It is the most effective and safest way to treat head lice.


No parent wants to have to deal with the hassle that comes with having a child with head lice.

Unfortunately, it is part of having school-aged children. But just because you have to deal with getting rid of lice and nits, doesn’t mean you should settle for the first treatment option that claims to be the best. Over-the-counter and at-home treatments are very dangerous and not as effective as other treatments. Natural treatments like ClearLice are the best options for you and your family to be lice-free as quickly as possible. Try ClearLice today, and be lice-free tomorrow!

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