Quickly Get Rid of Lice and Nits

Quickly Get Rid of Lice and Nits

Head lice are the bane of many parents existence because they are difficult to see and also difficult to remove. This process is made even more stressful by many schools’ no-nit policies. These policies make it so that your child cannot return to school until he or she is completely lice and nit free.

Existing since the beginning of human history, head lice are highly adaptive and motivated to ensuring the continuation of their species. They have found ways to cope with being immune to those things that would once harm them. This makes it very frustrating for parents to try to find a safe and effective solution for getting rid of head lice and nits.

But before you can hope to find a treatment, you must first understand the insect with which you are dealing. By understanding head lice and their behavior, you will be able to take the necessary steps to ensure that your child remains lice-free.

Get to Know Lice

Head lice are tiny brown tinted parasitic bugs that reside and live off of the blood on the head of a human host. Head lice crawl quickly and they are very difficult to remove  from the hair without they assistance of a  product specifically designed to treat head lice. These small insects cannot fly or jump. Head lice use small claws to crawl from head to head and hair to hair.

Head lice usually spread from person to person through direct head-to-head contact, but it is still a possibility that someone can get head lice from another source. Head lice can live in bedding, brushes, towels, clothing, hats, car interior, and furniture temporarily. But, head lice can only live for 48 hours of of the head and nits can live for up to 10 days off of the head, so it is not as common to become infested by lice this way. It is still highly recommended that you take precautions to prevent lice by teaching children to not share personal items with others.

When lice make their home on a human head, they start to feed of of the scalp secretions and lay eggs (nits). Nits are smaller than a mature louse and they are stuck to the shaft of the hair with a glue-like substance that makes the difficult to remove. The nits can only be removed when a product is used to dissolve or loosen the glue that is holding them to the hair. When the nits hatch, nymphs will come out from their shells looking to feed from the head. Nymphs cannot reproduce until about 1 week later. The nymphs  then become fully grown after feeding and turn into mature lice. They  can now reproduce and the lice life cycle can continue for about a month, or until the adult louse dies.

Understanding the behavior of head lice is important, but so is finding the right treatment for your child.

Will Over-the-counter Lice Treatments Get Rid of Lice?

When a parents come across head lice on their child, they will usually go to the closest store to buy the first lice treatment they see. The issue with many over-the-counter lice treatments is they are usually not effective at getting rid of lice. Nowadays, research has shown that head lice have become resistant to the chemicals and pesticides that are contained in these over-the-counter lice treatments. The new stronger strain of lice is known as Super Lice. These insects cannot be treated with over the counter lice killing methods.

Parents must be aware of these new resistant lice and must to be prepared to battle this insect with a new lice treatment method.

ClearLice: Get Rid of Lice Naturally

Since the emergence of super lice, companies have been dedicated to creating new methods to treat them that doesn’t involve conventional chemicals and pesticides. ClearLice is a company that created a natural head lice treatment method that works to get rid of lice without the use of dangerous chemicals.

ClearLice is a natural lice treatment product that is SLS and pesticide-free. The CLearLice shampoos and conditioners use a natural enzyme proteins that work to eliminate head lice and nits. Not only does ClearLice work to remove the dreaded super lice, it is also the most effective and safest method for any kind of lice. The peppermint scented products will have your family lice-free in just one day without the use harsh chemicals or pesticides that are in over-the-counter head lice products.

Every parent of a school-aged child dreads the day that his or her child comes home from school with head lice. If you are prepared to know how to treat this issue when it comes up, then there is no reason to dread having to deal with head lice. ClearLice is the best lice treatment on the market. It is safe, fast and effective. Try ClearLice today, and be lice-free tomorrow!

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