Single Size Lice Treatment Kit

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Shampoo – 1 bottle, Conditioner – 1 bottle, House hold spray – 1 bottle, Enzyme laundry additive – 1 bottle, Stainless Steel Nit Comb – 1, Shower caps – 1

Everything you need to completely get rid of lice and nits for 1 Person and your Home

  • No re-treating for eggs
  • Pesticide-Free & Poison-Free
  • Fresh Peppermint scent
  • 4 bottles (8oz each)
  • Easy to follow instructions


ClearLice – Single Size Treatment Kit (Treats One Person and a Small Home)

The ClearLice Single Size Treatment Kit is a complete head lice solution for one person battling an infestation. The products in the treatment kit include natural ingredients, plant extracts, and essential oils that work together to destroy head lice. The four separate, core components of the head lice treatment kit, along with the CE certified nit comb and shower cap, combat the lice at each stage of development.

The unique and natural formula is gentle enough for children in the family, and yet works hard enough to remove infestations on the head and in the home. As the best lice treatment kit on the market, this natural lice treatment kit contains no poisons or harsh chemicals, and leaves a fresh peppermint scent.

ClearLice treatment options also help to ease worries beyond the lice infestation. There are increasing concerns that certain chemical ingredients found in other, harsher products on the market can lose effectiveness over time. The natural ingredients in the ClearLice Single Size Treatment Kit do not pose risks that the bugs will build up a resistance to the formulas, as you might find with other, harsher options.

ClearLice Single Size Treatment Kit Includes:

1- lice and nit remover shampoo 8oz. bottle
1- conditioner 8oz. bottle
1- conditioner 8oz. bottle
1- home treatment spray 8oz. bottle
1- laundry enzyme additive 8oz. bottle
1- certified stainless steel nit comb
1- shower cap
1- instructions

How Does the Complete Kit Work?

ClearLice Head Lice Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner

These products work together as a team to remove head lice and nits from the hair shafts and scalp.

  • The natural ingredients of the Treatment Shampoo work without chemicals or pesticides to remove lice and nits (eggs)
  • Adult lice are then unable to lay new eggs.
  • The ClearLice Conditioner leaves the hair silky smooth, preventing nits from attaching to the hair shafts.

ClearLice Laundry Additive and ClearLice Home Treatment Spray

These products safely and effectively sanitize the home and laundry to remove head lice and prevent them from coming back.

  • The products are safe to use anywhere in the home or environment, such as a daycare rooms, where there is exposure from someone infected with head lice.
  • The Laundry Additive is hypoallergenic and biodegradable.
  • The Home Treatment Spray is non-toxic and safe for both children and pets.

CE Certified Stainless Steel Comb and Shower Cap

In addition to the Shampoo, Conditioner, Laundry Additive, and Home Treatment Spray, this kit contains a CE certified stainless steel nit comb and shower cap.

  • The quality nit comb has stainless steel teeth, perfectly spaced to remove even stubbornly attached nits from the hair shafts.
  • The comb also has rounded tips to prevent scratching against the scalp.
  • The shower cap is latex free and comes in a one-size-fits-most style.

The ClearLice Single Size Treatment Kit also includes complete instructions for easy use, and includes enough treatment product to treat one person and one small home. If you are battling a larger infestation, please see the other options for families and larger living areas, such as the Family Size Lice Treatment Kit and Jumbo Size Lice Treatment Kit.