Gallon Size Lice Repel Conditioner

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  • Made with essential oils & botanicals that repel lice 
  • Natural peppermint scent
  • Repel products do not remove lice, they help keep them away.


ClearLice – Gallon Size Repel Conditioner

Use the Gallon Size of the ClearLice Head Lice Repel Leave-In Conditioner in conjunction with the ClearLice Repel Shampoo to help prevent lice infestations. The ingredients make the hair look soft and shiny, while helping to prevent  lice from being attracted to the shafts, root, and scalp.

The leave-in conditioner is applied as a mist after drying and styling hair as usual. The essential oils give the conditioning spray a fresh scent of peppermint, which lice actually do not like. The nits cannot grab onto the hair shaft, which means they cannot lay their eggs in the hair. This product is safe for both children and adults to use on a daily basis.

ClearLice Gallon Size Repel Conditioner Includes:

1- repel conditioner 128oz. container

What Does ClearLice Repel Leave-In Conditioner Do to Help Prevent Lice?

When you use the Repel Leave-In Conditioner as part of a regimen with the ClearLice Repel Shampoo, you can put away the nit comb and be confident that your family is safe from the problems and costs associated with lice infestations.

  • Botanicals and essential oils naturally repel lice.
  • The application is easy – just wash your hair with Repel Shampoo, dry, and style as you usually do. Then lightly mist the Repel Conditioner over your hair and you are ready to ward off pesky lice.
  • The leave-in conditioner does not contain any pesticides or chemicals that might irritate your skin or hair.
  • The Repel Conditioner leaves a soft peppermint and lavender scent on your hair.

The Gallon Size Repel Conditioner is a good option for families who want everyone to be protected against the disturbing and daily realities of fighting lice infestations. Between missed work, self-conscious kids, and the time it takes to apply treatment and still treat the home environment during a lice infestation, using a Repel product just makes sense. Stop the fight against lice before it even begins.