Gallon Size Household Spray

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  • Cleans home to help stop re-infestation
  • Use on beds, sofas, car seats, carpet, etc
  • Safe to use around pets


ClearLice – Gallon Size Household Spray

Think of all the places where lice might linger in a home – the curtains, rugs, and furniture regularly come in contact with family members. The Gallon Size Household Spray is an effective solution. It is safe to apply to all of these fabric surfaces and works to remove the bugs once and for all.

Once off the head, lice can still live up to 48 hours on these other surfaces. Nits (lice eggs) can live for much longer – up to ten days! Using the ClearLice Household Spray lets you treat all of those areas of exposure that you cannot treat with the laundry additive.

ClearLice Gallon Size Household Spray Includes:

1- household spray 128oz. container

Why Should I Use the ClearLice Household Spray?

ClearLice household spray is easy to use and makes the treatment process complete.

  • The household spray includes natural ingredients like essential oils.
  • The spray attacks the lice and prevents them from continuing the lice life cycle.
  • There are no harsh chemicals included, so lice cannot build resistance.
  • All you have to do is just lightly spray the product on curtains, furniture, and things like car seats.
  • The gallon size makes it an economical solution for large homes, daycare centers, campgrounds, and other facilities where there are large treatment areas.

There are many places and items in the home that you cannot put in the washing machine, which can make it challenging to truly treat the environment during a lice infestation. Use the ClearLice Household Spray in the Gallon Size to fully eradicate the bugs and leave your home or classroom safe and lice-free.