Not All Stainless Steel Lice Combs are Created Equal

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Every parent who has experienced a lice infestation with their child knows how important a lice comb is to the head lice removal process. Some parents purchase kits that come with the comb or they purchase it separately. Parents quickly find out that some combs are not created equally. Some lice combs can cause you to do more work than needed, while others make the process easier. Of course all parents want the easiest way and the best lice comb. This is why many parents reach for their trusty ClearLice stainless steel lice comb.

ClearLice Stainless Steel Lice Comb

ClearLice is always thinking of you when it comes to their products. ClearLice proudly provides natural and effective head lice products that you can count on time and time again. This also goes for their specialized stainless steel lice comb. Its special design prevents the comb from bending out of shape and the teeth from falling out. The round tips prevent scratching the scalp and the teeth of the comb are perfectly spaced to effectively remove nits, dead lice and debris from the hair and scalp. It is a certified ss micro-grooved nit comb that is capable of removing the smallest nit.

Plastic Lice Combs

If you have used a plastic comb to remove lice and nits, you know that you spent hours combing through your child’s hair and there were still lice left over. Often the plastic teeth on the comb are too wide and not spaced properly to get the job done efficiently. Plastic combs often skip over nits and do not work as effectively as stainless steel combs. It is wise to invest in a good quality stainless steel lice comb that will last you for years, in case of future lice infestations.

Using a Stainless Steel Lice Comb

To begin combing out the lice and nits you first want to follow the directions of the preferred lice treatment. Once you get to the step where it is time to begin combing, use the following steps as a guide to help remove lice and nits from your child’s hair.

  • Have your child sit on a chair under good lighting. Sunlight provides the clearest view, but bathroom or bright lamps will be effective as well.
  • Use a standard regular plastic comb to put hair in sections
  • Use hair clips or barrettes to keep sections of hair in place
  • Fill a plastic bowl with warm water and set it by your side so you can clean the comb
  • Keep paper towels handy as well
  • Wrap an absorbent towel around your child’s back and shoulders
  • Provide your child with hand held video games to keep them busy why you comb through their hair
  • If you are squeamish around lice, you can use rubber gloves
  • Use a stainless steel lice comb to carefully go through each section of hair removing lice and nits
  • Continue the process until all lice and nits have been removed

The time frame for combing out lice and nits depends on your child’s length and type of hair. A good quality stainless steel lice comb can take hours or less, depending if your child’s hair is long, short, fine, curly or thick. If you have anything less than a good quality lice comb, plan to spend even longer combing through your child’s hair. It is wise to schedule time in your day to complete this task so that you and your child are not up to late on a school night. Your goal is to get rid of lice and nits so that your child can return to school as soon as possible.

Surprisingly some lice treatments take days to be effective while others provide faster results. Parents are now choosing natural lice treatments such as ClearLice instead of popular options that contain chemicals.

Chemical ingredients, including pesticides in lice treatments have been around for centuries. While they have been effective in the past, they no longer destroy or remove lice and nits when it comes to the super lice strain. This specific strain of lice has been found in 25 states in America so far and more states are most-likely going to be effected as well. Super lice look and behave the same as the regular strain of lice, however the super lice have built up resistance to the chemicals in the lice treatments. Another issue that is driving parents towards natural lice treatments are the harsh chemicals causing health issues in some children.

ClearLice not only offers high quality stainless steel lice combs, but they offer an entire line of natural lice treatment products, including lice treatment shampoo and conditioner, repellent shampoo and conditioner, household spray and enzyme laundry additive. ClearLice is made with all natural products that are effective on super lice as well as standard lice strains. Make ClearLice your first choice natural lice treatment and benefit from the use of the special stainless steel comb today!

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