The New Year Brings New Hair Trends for Your Little Ones

New Year Bring New Hair Trends for Kids

What better way to make a good impression at school than to rock a new hairstyle for 2016? As with all fashion-related things, hairstyles are evolving constantly and 2016 already looks like an exciting year for those of us who enjoy different hairstyles and haircuts. If you are looking for the new hair trends for kids, you should know that now more than ever children are paying a lot of attention to their hairstyle. Long gone are the days of the cut bowl and the pompadour and it is awesome to see so many children becoming interested in their hairstyle, hair products and hair care. If you are as passionate about your child’s hair as they are, take a look at these hip haircuts that will help you freshen up your children’s look for 2016.

Expect to see bangs back in full effect

The winter season this year seems to be placing a huge emphasis on blunt bangs and fringes, which is great news for girls and women who like to rock their bangs on a daily basis. In fact, it is safe to say that bangs will make their comeback this year as they seem to have taken a back seat for the last couple of years. Bangs were originally introduced in the early 70’s as a major trend and have become extremely common ever since. Unfortunately it seems like bangs were overused in the late 90’s to early 2000’s which made them look dated. However, you can expect to see bangs everywhere in 2016. The beauty about bangs is that they work on pretty much anyone regardless of their hair length or hair color and are usually very easy to style.

The bun is back (with a twist)

Another often-unappreciated hairstyle that you can expect to see again in 2016 is the bun. Now, don’t expect the traditional, over-the-top bun to be the hottest haircut in 2016, in fact a variation on the common bun is becoming extremely popular and this is adding a twist to the bun. The twist adds a bit of individuality and fun to the typical bun and can be a good way to set your daughter or daughters apart. If you are trying to protect your children from head lice and nits, you should consider the fact that a bun is one of the best haircuts when it comes to preventing head lice cases. Add a healthy dose of ClearLice lice prevention spray conditioner to their daily routine and they should be protected against the most stubborn lice.

The classics will live on forever

Despite the fact that 2016 will indubitably surprise us with the latest hair trends, there are some haircuts that can withstand the test of time and work all the time. One of these haircuts that never seems to go away, perhaps due to its versatility is the classic French. The classic French twist is an elegant hairstyle that can be done quickly and looks simply stunning. Start the classic twist by sweeping all the hair to one side and using pins to hold it in place. Take the hair and twist it upwards in order to finish the twist. You can also leave the tips of the hair loose for a more casual look, remember to use hairspray to keep the twist in place.

But what about the boys?

Although we usually place a greater emphasis on our daughter’s hair, this does not mean that we should ignore our boys’ haircuts. For 2016, you can expect to see very similar trends to what we saw in 2015; fun hairstyles that display creativity and are perhaps a bit over the edge. Short tapered hairstyles will be everywhere in 2016. Another trend making a comeback this year is the “wet” look that can be achieved different hair products like hair gel or wax.  Finally, the side-part is expected to remain hot this year, this look is easy to comb and looks fantastic and  we’re sure your boy will love it as it is a classic look that can quickly be personalized to look modern and is especially good for boys with round face shapes.

As you can see, 2016 is already looking like an exciting year when it comes to hairstyles, if you are not sure about what hairstyle works best for you or your children, it might be a good idea to check with your stylist to see what type of haircut or hairstyle suits you best. One last thing to keep in mind is to not be afraid to experiment!


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