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Natural V Chemical Lice Treatment

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Nothing can be more annoying for parents than having to deal with a child who has head lice. While these tiny little insects aren’t cause for concern for your child’s health, finding the right solution to get rid of lice can be time-consuming and frustrating. Perhaps what makes this activity so much more frustrating is the fact that most school districts have a no-nit policy in place when it comes to dealing with head lice. This means that if your child is found to have head lice or nits, he or she will not be able to return to school until he or she is completely lice and nit-free.

This no-nit policy can make it terribly difficult for parents trying to find a solution for this head lice problem. The added pressure of having to find a solution to treat lice quickly is something that many parents just don’t anticipate when it comes to dealing with a child with head lice.

But before you can find a solution for your head lice problems, it is essential that you research and discover all that you can about head lice and their behavior. Once you know how lice behave, you can find a lice treatment solution that is better for your situation.

The Facts about Head Lice and Their Behavior

Head lice are small, parasitic insects that live and feed on the scalps of humans. Gross, right? The heat and nutrients provided by the scalp are essential elements for the survival of head lice. That being said, they can still survive off of a human head for about 48 hours. When you are looking into lice treatments, you want to make sure that you also consider finding a treatment that also works for treating lice in your environment as well. The total lifespan for head lice is about 30 days, which is why finding a solution fast is going to be the best for your child and for you.

The good news is that head lice do not carry any diseases. According to research, head lice are just an annoyance. While some children may develop secondary infections from scratching their scalps, most cases of head lice do not cause any infection or diseases.

So if head lice don’t cause any major problems like infection or disease, why do people get so freaked out by the prospect of having head lice?

The problem with head lice often comes from the fact that having head lice has a negative stigma. Often, people associate having head lice with being “dirty,” but in reality, having head lice as a child just means that he or she has been playing closely with other children. If an adult gets head lice, it’s often because they came into close contact with a child who had head lice. In any case, head lice do not choose their victims based on how “dirty” or “clean” they are. In fact, anyone can contract head lice regardless of race, gender, age or level of cleanliness.

So if anyone can get head lice just by being in close contact with someone who has head lice, how exactly do head lice travel? Contrary to popular belief, head lice cannot physically jump or fly from one head to another. Their physiology does not support this method of travel. Instead, head lice crawl up strands of hair and settle onto the scalp of a person’s head in order to have a heat and food source. This allows them then to begin to lay eggs, or nits, and continue to live out the rest of their lives or find a new head to infest.

That’s the life of a louse. Since the dawn of time, their only goal has been to annoy humans, breed and move onto the next head. After learning all you can about their behavior, it’s time now to figure out how to get rid of head lice and nits.

Over-the-counter Lice vs. ClearLice Natural Lice Treatment

For decades, over-the-counter head lice treatments have been used and regarded as the best head lice treatments around. However, recent research has uncovered some unsettling news about these once-great head lice treatments. It turns out that head lice are extremely adaptive creatures, so they have become somewhat immune to the effects of the chemicals and pesticides that are in most over-the-counter lice treatments.  This means they will not longer get rid of lice. These chemicals and pesticides have also been linked to cause developmental problems in people who use them.

These shocking findings have led some companies, like the one who invented ClearLice, to begin to invest in natural lice treatment options.

ClearLice is a natural lice treatment that uses a unique combination of natural enzymes to treat head lice rather than harsh chemicals. ClearLice has become one of the most effective head lice treatments on the market. It works well and it works fast! ClearLice is guaranteed to eliminate head lice and nits in just one use! You’ll love how easy, safe and fast this peppermint-scented formula is for removing head lice.

Don’t waste any more time suffering from having a child with head lice. Try ClearLice today, and be lice-free tomorrow!

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