Natural Head Lice Treatment and Prevention

Natural Head Lice Treatment and Prevention

Natural Head Lice Treatment and Prevention

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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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As if getting head lice isn’t a big enough nuisance, we then have to go through a treatment and tedious nit combing process and hope the lice do not come back.  Live lice can live off of the human head for up to 48 hours and unhatched lice, known as nits, can live off of the human head for up to 10 days. We can treat our children, but we cannot be sure other parents are doing the same. The appropriate steps of treating our environment and taking follow-up preventative measures will significantly decrease the chances of a lice re-infestation.

Getting Rid of Head Lice

It is now known that most strains of lice have become resistant to the lice killing chemicals that make up common head lice treatments. Due to the overuse of products containing these pesticides, lice have grown immune to them; consequently becoming stronger.  These chemicals and pesticides may not harm the lice and they could be a danger to your child. This is why there is such a large demand for safe, toxin-free, effective lice treatment products.

ClearLice, a lice remedy, is made with natural ingredients. It works mechanically by stimulating the molting process of the lice. It breaks open the shells of lice and nits to completely eliminate them and prevent them from multiplying. It is gentle on children’s heads and one day of treatment can end your lice problem.

 Eliminating Lice from your Home

Since live lice can survive for up to 48 hours off of the scalp and lice eggs, nits, can survive for up to 10 days off of the head, the affected environment must be treated.  Lice can burrow in furniture, stuffed animals, carpets, clothes, and bedding.

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ClearLice natural household spray should be lightly misted over sofas, rugs, and car interior. Each of these surfaces should then be thoroughly vacuumed. Bedding, clothing, and other washable items should be washed using ClearLice laundry additive. Ensuring your environment is lice free can prevent a lice re-infestation.

 Lice Prevention

After the head and home are rid of lice, you may want to take preventative measures to lessen your chances of another lice infestation. ClearLice repellent comes with a natural shampoo and spray leave in conditioner. The repellent shampoo is gentle on the scalp and safe to use daily. The leave-in conditioner is used to mist over the hair to form a protective shield. Both of the products are scented with natural peppermint, which head lice hate. Lice will be less likely to choose you as their host.

Treating your home and taking preventative measures after a lice infestation can save you the head ache of contracting lice again. ClearLice has a natural treatment and repellent product line to eliminate lice from your head and home in one day as well as help prevent the return of these tiny pests.

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