Most Effective Lice Treatments

Most Effective Lice Treatments

Most Effective Lice Treatments

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Head Lice Treatment

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When you get the dreaded phone call from school telling you that your child needs to be picked up because they found lice in his or her hair, it’s easy to become frustrated and annoyed at the prospect of now having to deal with your child’s head lice problem. This frustration and annoyance is multiplied by the stress of realizing that your child cannot return to school until he or she is completely free of head lice due to many schools’ participating in a no-nit policy. If this is the case for your school, it is important that your learn all you can about head lice, how they behave and the best methods for keeping them at bay.

Knowing what head lice are and how they behave is the first step to successfully being able to remove head lice from your child’s head. The next step is finding an appropriate and effective lice treatment method for removing head lice from your child’s head without causing excess damage to his or her body.

Getting to Know Head Lice

Before you begin to treat lice, it is important to know exactly what it is with which you are dealing. Lice are tiny, parasitic insects that live and feed on the scalps of humans. They may be small, but they are surprisingly fast. Both of these features make it difficult to remove them without a little help. They can travel about twelve miles per hour if they need to, so it is important to try to slow them down as much as possible before trying to remove them. Lice treatments may be helpful in accomplishing this goal.

In addition, lice are extremely fertile. A female louse lays about ten eggs a day and about two-hundred in her life cycle. The problem with this is that you can remove nits from a child’s head every day, but unless you remove the actual female, the lice will not be permanently removed.

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Speaking of nits, they are another problem you’ll have to overcome if you are going to remove lice from your child’s head. They are extremely sticky. They essentially cement themselves to your child’s hair, and while over-the-counter lice products will claim to overpower this “cement,” it is extremely difficult to remove them with these treatments alone.

Over-the-Counter Head Lice Treatment Options

Many people utilize over-the-counter lice medical shampoos and conditioners in order to get rid of lice and the lice eggs from the affected head. However, the problem with using these products that contain permethrin and pyrethrum is that lice have evolved to adapt. The chemicals are no longer effective in removing lice from a child’s head. Buying them and using them is a waste of time and money because there are better methods at removing the lice.

In addition, many of the over-the-counter lice medications are unsafe for use on a child’s head. The way that many of the chemicals work to eliminate lice is by infusing neurotoxins and pesticides into the lice in order to render them immobile and eventually cause them to die. The chemicals have been known to cause things like skin rashes and breathing problems if ingested too often in large quantities. Exposing a child to any sort of danger like this just to eliminate lice seems to be impractical, especially when there are other options that are more effective and safer.

The Dangers of Head Lice Pesticides

Pesticides work as poisons, whether they are introduced into the food that we eat before it is harvested or it is inside our medications to kill bacteria. The pesticides used in many over-the-counter lice treatments, in fact, are so powerful that they have been banned in about fifty countries and heavily restricted in about thirty others due to the potential for harm. Children directly exposed to pesticides can be affected long-term, so it is best to keep them from being exposed if at all possible.

ClearLice: Natural Head Lice Treatment

Lice removal is essential to the treatment of head lice. By combing the lice and the eggs out of a child’s head, you ensure that they are no longer affected by the insects. However, to aid in lice removal, it may prove prudent to use some natural lice treatments. Because of the ineffectiveness of many over-the-counter products, companies have begun to invest in the creation of natural lice treatments to help remove head lice and nits. ClearLice is the result of one company’s research.

ClearLice offers many products under its umbrella including shampoos, conditioners, and laundry detergents in order to remove lice from a child’s head as well as his or her home. By removing lice in this manner, it ensures the most effective and complete method of lice extermination.

The best part about ClearLice is that it is SLS and pesticide-free. It utilizes natural enzyme combinations in order to treat the lice as safely and effectively as possible. When dealing with children, it is important to consider the safest option that will remove the lice without introducing harmful chemicals into their bodies.

Head lice are very resilient. Over-the-counter lice products not only are completely ineffective in fighting head lice, they are also extremely dangerous. If you want to get rid of lice from your child’s head, you should try using natural products, like ClearLice, which will help to remove lice from your child and your home using natural enzymes in order to do so. ClearLice provides you with the most effective and the safest options when it comes to treating your child’s head lice.

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