How to Get Rid of Lice With Viner, Mayonnaise or Vaseline?

Home Remedies for Super Lice

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Many people ask us every day about vinegar for lice, mayonnaise for lice or even vaseline for lice. Keep reading to know more about how to get rid of lice with mayonnaise and vinegar or, even, vaseline.

There have been strains of “super lice” found in 25 states within America and more are expected. People are trying several home remedies to treat head lice. Super lice are the same in size and appearance as standard lice strains, only super lice have built up immunity to chemical ingredients in common over-the-counter lice treatments. This means after you spend time and money on over-the-counter products filled with harsh chemicals, still the lice live on and multiply rapidly. Parents are beginning to take matters into their own hands by trying a variety of home remedies such as mayonnaise, vinegar and Vaseline.

Mayonnaise and Vaseline Lice Treatment

These two options are often used when parents get desperate after learning that the chemical ingredients aren’t getting rid of the lice and nits. The mayonnaise and Vaseline, each used individually, are used as a suffocants. The product, mayonnaise or Vaseline, is smothered all over the scalp and hair and covered with a shower cap for up to 8 hours. The nit comb is then used to remove the lice and nits and the product is washed out of the hair.

Vaseline and Mayonnaise Lice Treatment Pros and Cons

The pros of using Vaseline or mayonnaise for lice are the lack of harsh odor and the capability of it suffocating or slowing down the lice so you can remove them using the nit comb. Lice move rather quickly so it is important that they are limited or stopped from scattering. The cons of using this treatment is the amount of difficulty it takes to comb through the product and the possibility that all of the lice and nits have not been removed. It is also difficult to remove from the hair and scalp, causing the shampooing process to be repeated several times.

Head Lice Treatment

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Vinegar for Lice Treatment

Using vinegar for lice as an at-home lice treatment is generally mixing one part vinegar with one part water. This method is generally used to loosen and remove nits from hair strands. Soak the scalp and hair with the mixture for 30 to 60 minutes using a towel that has been saturated in the mixture. After soaking for 30 to 60 minutes, remove the towel and begin removing nits with a specialized nit comb.

Vinegar Lice Treatment Pros and Cons

The pros of using vinegar lice treatment to remove nits includes easier removal due to the powerful effect the vinegar has on the glue that adheres the nits to hair strands. The cons of using vinegar are the harsh smell, possible skin irritation and it doesn’t seem to effect adult lice. This means you will still need to use a separate lice treatment to get rid of the lice.

Home Remedies and Super Lice

An obvious con of using home remedies for super lice is that they simply don’t work. Even the common over-the-counter lice treatments don’t work on super lice. This type of news may cause stress for parents dealing with super lice strains, but don’t worry, there is an effective solution, ClearLice!

First, you will never be able to tell that you are dealing with super lice by just looking at them. It is best just to assume they are super lice so you can get the treatment started and get rid of lice and nits as soon as possible. ClearLice has come to the rescue for many parents and the popularity of ClearLice products continue to rise.

ClearLice is a natural lice treatment void of pesticides and other harsh chemicals. It is made of natural ingredients and is known to work in one day! Even better, it’s safe to use after other lice treatments have failed. It is a better alternative than messing with chemicals or messy products such as Vaseline and mayonnaise.

ClearLice has easy to follow instructions and also has a delightful light peppermint scent. ClearLice has a variety of products that work together to assure that the lice and nits are gone and are prevented from returning. Some of the ClearLice products include lice treatment shampoo and conditioner, repellent shampoo and conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray and stainless steel nit combs.

The amazing part of ClearLice is the opportunity to prevent future lice infestations. Anyone who has dealt with just one lice infestation will appreciate any help they can get to avoid it from happening again. ClearLice has a lice repellent shampoo and a lice repellent conditioner that works in harmony together to prevent future infestations and it also has a peppermint scent that adults and children adore!

It is understandable that parents will want to avoid exposing their children to harsh chemicals that don’t work on lice anyway. However, using lice home remedies for super lice isn’t going to help much either. ClearLice is effective on both standard lice strains as well as super lice. Make ClearLice your first choice for natural lice treatment and get rid of lice and nits today!

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