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Lice Life

No one wants to get the note home that says your child’s school is infested with head lice. As a society, we have an inherent fear and disgust reserved for these insects that dates back many years. But the truth is this disgust and hatred is somewhat misplaced. We assume that head lice are signs of poor hygiene or poor people, but they are actually some of the most non-discriminatory creatures known to mankind. In fact, they can and will infest anyone with hair, no matter what race, socioeconomic class, gender or age they are. If you have hair, you’re fair game for head lice.

So if we believe the myth about head lice indicating what level of hygiene you perform, what else don’t we know about them? Take a moment to find out the truth about head lice.

What are head lice?

Head lice are, in a word, parasites. They are tiny insects that feed upon the scalp secretions and blood of the human head. When they do this, head lice actually inject saliva into the person’s head, causing them to itch. This happens because humans are allergic to that saliva. They cannot live very long without a host, though. They can survive up to 36 hours without being on someone’s head, and after that they need to find a new host or they will die.

Head lice are very difficult to remove on their own because they tend to blend in with the surrounding hair and scalp of the victim. Their nits, or eggs, are even harder to spot and remove because they are cemented onto the strand of hair. This means they can only be removed with the help of a third-party agent, which is necessary in order to ensure that your child is lice-free before he or she can go back to school.

How do lice spread?

A common misconception about these annoying insects is that they are capable of jumping or flying from host to host. Actually, the only way these creatures are able to spread is by crawling. Therefore, direct contact is needed. Most of the direct contact is provided through head-to-head contact, although there are a smaller portion of cases that are related to head-to-linen or head-to-clothing contact as well. These cases are rarer, but they do happen.

Knowing how head lice spread is important because it allows you to get a sense of how to prevent head lice from spreading to your children. Ensuring that your child knows not to share combs, hairbrushes, hats, etc. is essential to making sure that your child remains lice-free. If you take precautions, you will find it easier to resist the spread of head lice.

What is the lifespan of a typical louse?

Typically, lice live about a month. They begin as nits, or eggs, then grow into young adult lice, or nymphs, and finally into adult lice. Once they are in the adult stage, they begin to lay nits throughout the host’s head. They lay eggs constantly throughout their life, laying about six eggs per day.

Treatment Options

There are many lice treatment options available, but some of them are better than others. There are over-the-counter treatments that can be found in places like CVS, Walgreens or Walmart. These treatments are by far the simplest solution, given that all you have to do is pay for them and put them on the head. But while they may be simple, they are not effective.

In fact, because lice are so adaptive in nature, they have evolved to become resistant to the pesticides and chemicals used in those over-the-counter treatments. This means that even though you think the solution is simple, it does not work. Moreover, these chemicals could actually endanger your child’s developmental processes if you’re not careful. Do you really want to expose your child to these dangerous, ineffective products when other solutions exist?


Knowing what they know about super lice, companies have started to develop ways to naturally treat head lice. ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL is one of those companies. ClearLice is a natural solution to your head lice problems. It is a natural head lice removal treatment that works faster and more effectively than the leading over-the-counter or at-home remedy. It is your best option for treating head lice.

ClearLice shampoos and conditioners are all SLS and pesticide free. They instead use a blend of natural enzymes to breakdown head lice, making them easier to remove. ClearLice also has a household spray and laundry additive that can help you to ensure your home remains lice-free as well. ClearLice really is the best product to suit all your lice removal needs. It’s natural; it’s quick; it’s effective.

Try ClearLice today and be lice-free tomorrow!



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