How Lavender Oil Can Treat and Prevent Lice

How Lavender Oil Can Treat & Prevent Lice

How Lavender Oil Can Treat & Prevent Lice

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Every parent of school-aged children knows that at some point in your child’s life, he or she will come home with head lice. Most school districts have now adopted a no-nit policy when it comes to head lice because of the rapid rate at which they spread. This means that you will need to treat your child quickly and effectively if they come home with head lice.

Head lice are common amongst young children and treating head lice can seem a little overwhelming for many parents. But, there are many treatment options available, so you can choose what’s best for you.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

When parents discover that their child may be suffering from head lice, their first instinct is to go out to their local Walgreens, CVS or Walmart to find an over-the-counter head lice treatment. Historically, over-the-counter treatments have been the most effective ones, but recent studies have shown that this may no longer be the case.

First of all, these treatments are often dangerous. The chemicals and pesticides that are in them can and often do lead to neurological and developmental problems for your child if used in high doses. The chemicals used in these over-the-counter treatments are often neurotoxins that incapacitate and poison the lice and the eggs, making them easier to remove with a comb.

In addition, head lice are highly adaptive creatures, and as such, they have evolved to become immune to the pesticides and chemicals that are in over-the-counter medications. Because of this, you’d be exposing your child to unnecessary harm if you were to use over-the-counter treatments. So, why do that when there is a better way?

Lavender Essential Oils

Many people have claimed to use lavender oil in order to safely and effectively treat head lice. Unlike the leading over-the-counter treatment brand, lavender oil is safe to use on just about anyone and can be used as a homeopathic alternative to over-the-counter medications.

Lavender is often considered to be a natural insect repellent, using a strong scent in order to kill insects. It works fast and effectively as a natural way to ensure your head does not become infested with lice. However, it is important to note that lavender oils do not kill nits. If your child has nits in his or her hair, it is still a good idea to find a lice treatment that works specifically on nits as well as lice otherwise, the treatment will not work to remove lice and nits in their entirety.


Because over-the-counter medications have stopped working as treatments for head lice, companies have begun investing in research and development of natural remedies for treating head lice. Companies like ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL have utilized the same principles and ideas surrounding lavender essential oils in order to create a natural solution to your head lice problem.

ClearLice has a line of products that works wonderfully in removing head lice from affected areas of your children and your home. ClearLice shampoos and conditioners contain natural enzymes that work to breakdown lice and nits, making them easier to remove. ClearLice also uses combinations of natural oils in order to ensure that you and your family remain lice-free after treatment.

In addition, ClearLice also has a laundry additive and household spray to ensure that your home remains lice-free as well. Simply add the laundry additive into a load of laundry in warm water, tumble dry on high heat after washing and you can be sure that your linens, clothing and towels are fresh and lice-free. For things that you can’t put into the wash like furniture or car seats, the household spray has you covered.

ClearLice is a product that allows you and your family to have peace of mind. You can trust that ClearLice will get you and your family back to being lice free in no time. It’s fast, it’s easy and most importantly, it’s effective. Try it today, and be lice-free tomorrow!


Head lice are extremely common amongst school-aged children, and having them is nothing to be ashamed of. As a parent, it is important to remember that treating your child quickly and effectively is the best chance you have to get your child back in school without missing anything.

There are many treatment options available, but try to remember that the simple store-bought solution may not always be the best. Over-the-counter medications can lead to calamitous consequences if you’re not careful, so do yourself and your child a favor and think outside the box.

Try ClearLice in Boca Raton, FL, and you won’t be disappointed with the results. ClearLice will get you lice-free in just one day. Try it now!

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