Study’s show that Super Lice can’t tolerate Certain Enzymes

ClearLice is the Natural Treatment that contains these Special Enzymes that open the shells of Lice & Nits.

They CANNOT Survive Without Their Shells

Get Your Child Back to School.

Clearlice products are manufactured in a certified FDA lab in the USA.
We use the most Expensive, Highest Quality, Natural Ingredients from around the World
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The Best Natural Head Lice Treatment System

ClearLice uses Natural essential oils, salts, plant extracts and protein enzymes to effectively treat lice and nits (lice eggs) in your hair and your home.

NO dangerous, and ineffective poisons, pesticides or harsh chemicals are ever used.

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ClearLice was developed to use on the founders 2-year-old son. For that reason it had to be natural and pesticide-free. It also had to be gentle enough for his delicate scalp. Together with a chemist, ClearLice was born.

We are a family owned company that was started out of the same frustration you are going through. ClearLice has been in business for 10 years and has helped thousands of families with their head lice nightmare.

If you’ve tried store brands, prescription shampoos, or home remedies and still have head lice, then here is why you need a complete treatment kit from ClearLice

  • Enzyme Lice Shampoo – breaks open the protective outer shells of lice and nits. It loosens the glue lice use to stick to the hair shaft, so most lice and nits will rinse out down your drain.

  • Treatment Conditioner -plumps and softens your hair, while soothing itchy scalps. Aloe Vera helps to heal bites. It also makes the comb glide through the hair with ease and dissolves nit glue while combing.

  • Stainless Steel Nit Comb – combs out lice and nits – dead or alive. Our patented comb does not damage hair at all. Its rounded tips are gentle on the scalp. Combing ensures no louse or nit is left in your hair.

  • Enzyme Laundry Concentrate – Wash all washables in our laundry additive to ensure no nits or lice are stuck on your clothes, so they do not re-infest.

  • HouseHold Spray – Spray your furniture, car, and anything that cannot be washed to ensure that no lice or nits are left on the furniture, bedding, car interiors, etc. which will also help stop re-infestations.


Do I need to Treat my Home?

One of the biggest causes of re-infestation is not getting the lice out of your environment. Lice will live up to 48 hours off your head, and nits will survive for up to 10 days on your sofa, your car seats, your bedding, etc.

“Getting rid of head lice requires treating the individual, the family and the household.”
– The American Academy of Pediatrics


Complete Kits

Include everything you need to treat head lice. We have put these kits together after helping thousands of families over the past 10 years

These kits save you money and time. Each kits comes with a 100% money back guarantee

Each complete kit includes:

  • Lice Treatment Shampoo (8oz)
  • Lice Treatment Conditioner (8oz)
  • Enzyme Laundry Additive (8oz)
  • House Hold Anti-Lice Spray (8oz)
  • Stainless steel rounded tip nit comb
  • Shower caps
  • Instructions

Just choose the complete lice treatment kit for how many heads and the size home you need to treat


To order by phone call 1-800-294-6816

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Works Very Fast

Thank you so much!!! It truly worked very fast, just as stated. Amazed and relieved to find non toxic treatment for our precious one’s head!!!

Erica Marsden / 05/04/2016

Amazing Product

We tried over the counter stuff, which didn’t work… I found the ClearLice website and ordered. It worked!! I was amazed at how well it worked!

Cindy / 05/16/2016

Our 100%
Satisfaction Guarantee

Your have my personal guarantee that if you follow the directions and use ClearLice as directed, you will be satisfied with the results.

Howard Shecter