Kicked off Delta Airlines for Head Lice, The Hardships Of Having Head Lice

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A father of 3 along with his wife and 3 sons succumbed to being kicked off a Delta Airlines flight before arriving at its destination due to his 6 year old son’s head lice.

The family was supposed to travel home to Nashville from Paris, but instead wound up taking a grim detour to Minneapolis, Minnesota, when the plane prematurely landed to have the family quarantined by airport staff.

The children were examined for lice by the airport staff and the family was prohibited from boarding another Delta flight before the son received medical treatment to remedy the lice.

Delta Airline’s actions of booting the family off the flight, having the children undergo medical examinations, and requiring the head lice to be treated before boarding another Delta aircraft may have been unwarranted. This is because, virtually all large airplanes across the United States have at least 1 passenger infected with head lice and nearly all flights contain at least 1 passenger with a communicable disease.

Head lice transmission via a plane seat is not probable; however, it is possible to contract lice from a fabric seat that has come in contact with an infested head.

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