Natural Lice Remedies that Work

natural lice remedies
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natural lice remedies

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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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When school starts, one of the concerns parents have is that their child is going to catch lice from another child. This results in the talk on not using other students’ combs, hairbrushes, or hats. Unfortunately, it is still very possible to catch lice even when being extremely cautious. All it takes is an accidental hair bump or one child suddenly brushing the hair of another without permission. Exposure can happen in so many ways, causing even the most cautious child to come home with an itchy head.

Fortunately, there are natural ways to eliminate lice. You can also prevent lice infestations and do it in a safe and natural way. Below, you will learn about the natural formula that every teacher and parent should know because it can eliminate lice if they get into a child’s hair.

Combs, Brushes, and Hair Ties

Everyone in your home should have his or her own combs and brushes. Girls should have their own hair ties and headbands. If one person gets lice, sharing a comb or brush can cause everyone in the house to contract it. Just as you don’t want your child to share combs and brushes at school or with the kids next door, you don’t want them to at home.
Even if you have a spotless home, that isn’t going to keep lice from infiltrating it and affecting your family. Frequent head checks and using the lice preventative measures outlined in this article can make a world of difference.

Lice on Clothing Items

It can seem completely harmless to wear someone else’s hat, jacket, sweater, helmet, etc. Unfortunately, these items can carry lice. Tell your child that if another child at school takes his or her hat and puts it on, that your child should try and find a bag to put the hat in to bring it home for washing. You don’t want the hat to touch any clothing items because any lice from the hat can travel.

Also, make sure your child understands that his or her jacket, hat, or sweater needs to be kept in a locker or another isolated area at school when not being worn. It is not ideal that the child’s items hang in a closet or other area where they touch those that belong to other children. Lice can march from one item to the next, causing any child to contract them. This is also grounds for an infestation.

Lice at the Park and the Playground

When you take your child to the park, make sure your child keeps his or her hair out of the sandbox. Lice can live in sand, which means any sand that gets in your child’s hair could potentially carry lice. Lice can stay alive for 24 hours or more. Your child doesn’t have to be exposed directly to another child carrying lice.

At school, your child will need to exercise much of the same caution. Head bumping, although it can be difficult to avoid, is something that your child will need to be extra cautious about. This is also the time when little girls like to play with the hair of other little girls. Tell your child that it is OK to decline.

Lice Preventing Shampoo

There are different types of shampoo that can be used to help prevent lice. Those containing olive oil and coconut oil have fatty acids that break down the bodies of lice. In other words, it kills them. Many shampoos on the market contain olive and/or coconut oils. They advertise these ingredients prominently on the front of the bottle, and they aren’t all incredibly expensive.

Other shampoos and conditioners contain tea tree oil, menthol, lavender oil, eucalyptus, and rosemary oil. They are also effective because lice hate the smell. Those containing tea tree oil are great to use after a lice infestation because they help the little bites and the skin that has become sore from all the scratching.

Make Your Own Natural Head Lice Remedy

If you don’t want to buy a shampoo, you can make your own. A good recipe for the post-shampoo final rinse contains the following ingredients dropped into 8 ounces of water:
• 5 teaspoons of coconut or olive carrier oil (this is your base)
• 5 drops of lavender essential oil
• 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
• 5 drops of tea tree essential oil
• 5 drops of rosemary essential oil
• 5 drops of peppermint essential oil

You can add the above essential oils to any shampoo or conditioner that already contains coconut oil or olive oil. You can do this as soon as you find out there is an active lice outbreak at school or in the neighborhood. If you add the essential oils to the shampoo, you can avoid doing the final rinse. When you add the oils to shampoo or conditioner, the ratio is 2 to 5 drops for every teaspoon of shampoo.

Caution: You must use caution when using peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil close to a child under 5 because it can slow down or stop respiration. Individuals with high blood pressure should not use peppermint essential oil. Pregnant women should also stay away from peppermint and rosemary essential oils.

Head Lice Success Story

In one case where a family was experiencing a lice crisis in the home, they mixed menthol and rosemary with a tea tree oil shampoo. As they started using the shampoo, they noticed the lice died. Finally, only one new egg was left. This egg was eliminated and so was the lice infestation within the home.

The same family got news that there was a lice outbreak in the child’s school. There was one adult louse found, but it was very sick because the family had continued to use the homemade shampoo and conditioner mixture that they used to eliminate lice on the child’s head. There were no eggs. For good measure, the child’s head was covered in mayonnaise for approximately an hour and the special final rinse solution was used to rinse out the mayonnaise. After checking for a period of two weeks, no more lice were found.

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