Is It Lice Eggs Or Is It Dandruff?

Is it Lice Eggs or Dandruff

Is it Lice Eggs or Dandruff

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The questions “what do lice eggs look like?”, or relating “nit vs dandruff” or “lice eggs vs dandruff” are popular, that is why we made this post about “lice eggs vs dandruff on comb“. It was carefully done by us to better help you up with your lice treatment. Keep reading!

If you are a mom or a dad with one or more several children, you have without a doubt wondered if your children have lice at least once during your parenting career. Learning how to identify lice eggs vs dandruff can be a somewhat complicated task at first if you are not sure what to look for; after all they look strikingly similar when you look at them with the naked eye. Unfortunately, this can lead to frustration and even a bigger lice problem if we fail to identify a head lice problem right away which, in turn can lead to a lot of headaches and a lot of missed days at school. Educating ourselves in how to identify lice eggs vs dandruff is one of the easiest, most productive things we can do when it comes to our children’s health and therefore we should keep these tips in mind.

Appearance of Lice Eggs

Both dandruff and head lice are common conditions that affect our scalp and hair. Despite the fact that they look similar, there are several guidelines we can use to determine whether we have a lice problem or a dandruff problem. Generally speaking, both dandruff and head lice will show up on the scalp as tiny, white particles that can range in transparency from almost clear to pure white. But if we take a second to look for certain differences and with the help of a magnifying glass, identifying these two is fairly easy. Louse eggs (also called nits) tend to be generally larger than dandruff particles, and while dandruff particles have the appearance of dry flakes, nits tend to be more elongated and smooth. Of course, it can sometimes be a lot easier to just look for the lice themselves, but if you are unable to spot them right away then you can also look for some symptoms associated with a head lice problem. The most common (and easily identifiable) symptom when it comes to head lice is red bumps on the scalp. These red bumps are caused by irritation and can sometimes become very uncomfortable for children and adults.

Symptoms of Head Lice

We mentioned the red bumps that are commonly associated with head lice in humans, but other head lice symptoms to watch out for include an extremely itchy scalp, crawling sensation in the head, swollen glands or even pink eye. If you are not sure whether your child has a dandruff problem or a head lice problem, keep an eye out for some of the symptoms associated with head lice. One of the things to consider when it comes to head lice treatment is that head lice have developed an immunity against the most typical OTC treatments, so if you have a head lice situation, you might want to consider this  natural head lice product called ClearLice to effectively treat head lice and prevent head lice. On the other hand, some of the most common symptoms associated with dandruff include the release of dry flakes of skin that can vary in size. One of the easiest ways to identify dandruff is to wear a dark shirt or blouse and look for these flakes in our shoulder or our backs. Generally speaking, lice do not lay eggs outside of the human scalp and the lice themselves do not survive for very long off their host.  Keep an eye out for flakes not only on the scalp but on the eyebrows, the ears and the nose as well.

Location of Lice Eggs

Another thing to consider with head lice eggs and telling them apart from dandruff is the location where either of them shows up. As we mentioned before, dandruff tends to show up throughout the hair and not exclusively on the head, this is evidenced by the fact that these flakes can be easily visible in our clothing and other accessories like hats and caps On the other hand, head lice and their nits appear to be closely to the scalp or as far as half an inch above the scalp.

Keep in mind that head lice lay their eggs on the hair shaft as close to the scalp as possible in order to make sure that the nit will get the correct amount of heat from the hair and the head and they tend to move further away from the scalp as this hair grows in size.  Finally, you should keep in mind that dandruff flakes can easily fly away or be moved by air or shampoo while lice and their eggs tend to stay on the hair for as long as they can. This of course can be fixed right away with an natural lice treatment and the help of a few other accessories like a stainless steel comb and a magnifying glass.

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