Use ClearLice Shampoo

Wait 40 minutes wearing cap

Rinse with warm water

Repeat steps 1, 2, 3

Wait 20 minutes this time

Use Conditioner and Wait 5 Minutes

Comb out lice and eggs

Lather hair completely with our shampoo (see diagram #1),
making sure to get around ears & neck.

Rinse hair and shower cap with warm water until all traces of shampoo are gone.

Massage conditioner onto hair as well as the scalp while waiting 5 minutes.

Secure shower cap (included with kit) and wait 40 minutes.

Repeat step 1, 2 and 3 waiting for 20 minutes this time instead of 40 minutes.

Use normal hair comb to detangle and separate hair into small sections, then use lice comb from scalp to the end of the hair, wiping on paper towel after each pass. Continue on each section until several ‘wipes’ show no sign of lice, eggs & nits. Wash out conditioner.

Extremely short / buzzed hair (2 oz)

Hair above the shoulder blades (4 oz)

Thick hair / hair below the shoulder blades (6-8 oz)

Laundry Additive Instructions

Gather all of your washable items that came in contact with head lice infested individuals.

Add 1 oz laundry additive to small loads and 2 oz to large loads with your regular detergent.

Put your clean washable items in your dryer on the hot setting for at least 45 minutes.

Stuffed animals, plush toys, hats and soft hair accessories that have come in contact with lice and are not washing machine safe should be placed in bags and put outside of the home for 14 days. You do not need to treat plastic toys.

Do not add laundry additive to steam cleaners. Laundry additive should only be added to your washing machine.

Clothing or bedding that has come in contact with lice and is not washing machine safe should be placed in bags & put outside of the home for 14 days.

Household Spray Instructions

Lightly mist furniture, throw pillows and car interior with household spray.

Lightly mist carpets and area rugs with household spray. Let it sit for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes time, vacuum all carpets and area rugs that were misted with household spray.

You do not need to treat furniture or houseware made of leather/synthetic leather, or suede material.

When using household spray, lightly mist affected items. Soaking the material is not necessary.

All fabric items in the car that cannot be removed or washed, including car seats, should be misted with household spray.