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Treat Super Lice

Treat Super Lice

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Head Lice Treatment

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There are 6 to 12 million head lice infestations reported annually within the United States, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. While it is normal procedure for primary school age children to visit the school nurse to have their eyesight, weight and height checked, the nurses now search scalps and hair for “super lice.” While the term super lice will cause anyone to go into a frenzy, there is no need to panic.

What are super lice?

Head lice in general are human parasites that live their entire life cycle on the human scalp and hair. Lice feed off of human blood that they consume by biting into the scalp. These tiny bites can cause itching to some who are sensitive to the saliva produced by the lice. Female lice lay eggs, also referred to as nits, and glue them to hair strands located close to the scalp. Super lice are exactly the same parasites, they just have an added ability compared to standard lice. Super lice have built up immunity to common chemical ingredients and pesticides in over-the-counter lice treatments.

How are super lice transmitted?

Super lice are transmitted the same way standard lice are, via head-to-head contact. Lice is also spread through sharing personal items such as scarfs, hats, brushes, combs, hair accessories, clothing and close contact when taking selfie pictures. Avoiding head-to-head contact and sharing these items will help lower the risk and prevent head lice.

Is poor hygiene to blame for head lice?

Parents seem to think that their child getting head lice looks bad for them because others think they practice poor hygiene. This simply isn’t true. Lice do not discriminate against clean or oily hair, they are simply looking for a food source, which is human blood. In fact, clean hair makes it easier for female lice to attach their eggs to hair strands using their self-produced adhesive. Clean hair also makes it easier for lice to move around on the scalp.

What are the best head lice treatments?

The answer to this question is simply, natural lice treatments. Super lice have built up an immunity to the common and popular head lice treatments found at the local pharmacy. In addition to super lice being immune to the treatment, the harsh chemical ingredients have worried parents for years. Harsh chemicals such as pesticides and poisons that are meant to kill and remove lice and nits, is also being absorbed by your child’s body during treatment sessions. This means these harsh chemicals are entering your child’s blood stream, which can cause illness and health issues in some children.

The best treatment that parents are flocking to is ClearLice. This natural and effective lice treatment has the capability to get rid of lice and nits in one day and is created with natural ingredients. It is void of pesticides, poisons and other harsh chemicals. The delightful light peppermint scent makes it pleasing to use and it works on super lice when other treatments fail.

ClearLice should be your first choice since it is natural and can get rid of lice and nits quickly. ClearLice also offers lice repellent shampoo and lice repellent conditioner to help prevent lice infestations. You can choose to purchase ClearLice products by the gallon, individually or in convenient family, single or jumbo size kits. Products you can choose from include lice treatment shampoo and lice treatment conditioner, household spray, enzyme laundry additive, stainless steel nit combs and the extremely popular repellent shampoo and conditioner. The lice repel products are safe to use every day and can be used whether your child has already had a lice infestation or not.

Do you have to wash everything in the house when you get head lice?

Lice bugs can live off of the head for 48 hours and nits can live off of the head for 10 days.  Vacuuming the carpets, rugs and furniture is helpful at removing the dead lice and any live one’s that could be roaming around searching for a new host. For example, if the person who has lice sits on the sofa and rests their head against a pillow, lice can crawl onto the furniture and pillow easily. If another family member sits in the same area and leans their head against the same pillow, the roaming lice can easily and quickly infest the person. Vacuuming frequently will help lessen the risk of spreading lice to others within the household.

How do you know its super lice?

All lice have the same physical appearance that resembles a sesame seed. You can’t tell the difference between the standard strain and super lice. Parents often realize their child has super lice when they try the over-the-counter products that don’t affect the lice.

It is encouraged to use natural lice treatment the first time because it works and the lice are effected quickly. Since super lice are already recorded in 25 states, its encouraged to use ClearLice from the very beginning. It saves your child from being exposed to harsh chemicals, it’s effective and it cuts down the amount of days your child misses school.

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