How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Lice?

How long does it take to get rid of lice?

The questions “how long does it take to get rid of lice“, “how long does it take for lice go away” or “how long does it take to get rid of lice once treated” are popular. That is why people should research before investing in a lice treatment.

With the large number of prescription head lice treatments,  lice home remedies, and natural lice treatments available in the market, one would think that getting rid of lice would be something that we humans would have figured out a long time ago. After all, our species has been battling fighting lice for thousands of years. Yet, it would seem like parents are constantly struggling to find an effective head lice treatment. In today’s blog post we will evaluate the different treatments available for head lice and their effectiveness based on how long it takes on average to get rid of lice completely. If you are trying to find out what the most effective treatment against head lice is, then read on.

Over-the-counter head lice treatments

Upon discovering a head lice infestation, most parents tend to go for the over the counter lice treatments right away; after all, their names are well-known for a reason. Right? Unfortunately, the availability of over-the-counter lice treatments has led parents to believe for many years that they are extremely effective when it comes to treating head lice. However, the reality of these treatments is quite different from that.

The first thing that we need to realize is that most of the treatments that you can get over the counter for lice are based on a chemical called Permethrin; a synthetic insecticide that has been used for many decades for the treatment of head lice. And while permethrin-based creams and treatments were a reliable option at one point, nowadays they really aren’t that effective. If you end up buying one of these treatments, you will more than likely have to use it at least 3-4 times before it actually starts working.

You are probably wondering why it would take this long for a treatment to start working, and the reason for this is the fact that head lice have built up a natural resistance against Permethrin-based treatments. And while this might be a little hard to understand at first, it is important to realize that this is a very common phenomenon in nature. Pests are constantly mutating in order to develop resistance against harmful agents, and the common head louse is not the exception. Recent news reports are talking about the discovery of a new species of “Super Lice” that is extremely resistant against these over the counter treatments.

There are other lice treatments that you can get over the counter, such as shampoos containing pyrethrins or piperonal butoxide. But the same principle applies here, and while they are slightly more effective than topical creams, the problem is that you’ll still have to reapply the shampoo repeatedly.

Lice Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner Kit

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Head Lice Home Remedies

Every year 6-12 million children are affected by head lice, and parents everywhere are always looking for the most effective lice treatment but sometimes the internet and word-of-mouth can be dangerous tools that might hinder our progress towards that search.

Believe us when we say that we have nothing against natural home remedies, but when it comes to treating head lice, they simply do not work. And we have heard them all! From mayonnaise and coconut oil to avocado and vinegar! These do not get rid of head lice and nits!

Household Lice Treatment Spray & Natural Lice Detergent

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ClearLice: Natural Head Lice Treatment

Here at ClearLice, we are very proud of the line of products that we have developed using natural ingredients that have been used by people for hundreds and even thousands of years to treat head lice. And unlike chemical products, lice do not develop immunity or resistance to our natural products. When our product is used as indicated it will help you and your family get rid of head lice within 24 hours, without any harmful side effects and without exposing your children to any harmful chemicals.

When you weigh the benefits of our products and you compare them to other products and remedies, it is clear to see why the ClearLice line of natural products is simply superior when it comes to treating head lice and preventing future cases as well!

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Study’s show that Super Lice can’t tolerate Certain Enzymes

ClearLice is the Natural Treatment that contains these Special Enzymes that open the shells of Lice & Nits.

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3 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Lice?

  1. Tracy Zemla says:

    Works great! Will continue to use these products. I am always getting lice from the daycare I work at. Glad I finally found something that works. Keep up the great products!!!!

  2. Michael says:

    I been using this treatment 1-2 a week seeing ok results, can you use this shampoo and conditioner treatment every other day, I noticed on warm and sunny days , the nits seem to come back

    • Darren says:

      You should use as directed, are you also using the lice hair repellent spray? Sometimes the infestation may come from elsewhere, If you do not have I also recommend our lice detergent, its all natural and make sure to add it to your wash.

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