How Lice Spread From Head To Head

How Lice Spread From Head to Head
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How Lice Spread From Head to Head

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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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There are several misconceptions when it comes to head lice. For example, one of the most common misconceptions has to do with the fact that people tend to associate a head lice problem with a hygiene problem or perhaps dirty living conditions. And while having good hygiene and living in adequate conditions can be effective when it comes to preventing a disease, these two factors have little or nothing to do with getting lice. Another common misconception associated with head lice is the fact that people believe that head lice can somehow jump from one host to another or that they can even fly.

Do Lice Jump?

Perhaps people tend to think that head lice can jump from head to head because they are often confused with fleas. Fleas (usually found on dogs, cats and other mammals) can jump incredible distances and their jumping ability in proportion to their size makes them one of nature’s highest jumpers. However, we need to realize the fact that fleas and lice are two different species and comparing them is basically the same as comparing a horse to a kangaroo. To put it in simply, a louse lacks the anatomical structures required to leap or jump. Their legs have prongs, which means they climb or crawl through the surface of our heads and onto our hair strands.

Do Lice Fly?

As for the other misconception, which is people thinking that lice can somehow fly onto our heads, this is simply not true. Head lice lack wings which makes it impossible for them to fly. Head lice are simply unable to take off flying or jump from one host to another. If this is not the case at all, then how do lice spread? After all, we do know for a fact that lice spread, but if they have no wings to fly and if they can’t jump then what other spreading methods could we take into consideration and what should we do to avoid the spread of these bothersome bugs?

How Do Lice Get from Head to Head?

The main way in which head lice spread from head to head is through direct contact, as we learned before, head lice can only crawl from one person to another, so in order for them to spread to another person, the infested person needs to come in direct contact with another person. This direct contact is obviously not very common amongst adults but when it comes to children and other children at school, this is almost an inevitable scenario as children will spend a lot of time playing around with other children.

3 Common Ways Lice Spread

Head to head contact: Children tend to hug each other and touch their heads, especially at a very young age. While it is almost impossible to prevent this behavior, we as parents just need to be cautious of any child who might be scratching their head on a regular basis or keep an eye out of any complaints of an itchy head. This is why it is also important to stay in touch with the school’s nurse to stay up to date on any lice outbreaks.

Sharing personal items: Head lice can also be spread by contact with personal items that have also been used recently by the infected person. It is possible for an infected person to come in contact with articles of clothing or hair accessories, let someone else wear them or use them, and lice can spread to a new host. Special considerations should be taken into account when dealing with bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and even furniture.

Sleepovers: School-aged children often have slumber parties. The sharing of sleeping bags, pillows, blankets and the closeness in proximity the children will have to one another create a perfect environment for the spread of head lice.

As you can see, while it is good to know that lice cannot actually jump from one host to another or even fly from head to head, we should be aware of the ways in which lice can spread from one host to another. Finally, it might be a good idea to sanitize all items that came in contact with the person who had lice in order to avoid the spread of these parasites.

Natural Lice Treatment

If you do in fact contract head lice, you should use a natural lice treatment that is both safe and effective in getting rid of lice and nits. ClearLice offers natural lice treatment products to treat lice and nits on the head and in the home. It is guaranteed to get rid of lice in one day!

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