How Do Kids Get Lice? Why do People Get Lice?

How kids get lice

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The questions “how do people get lice?”, “how do people get lice?” or “why do kids get lice?” are popular and there are some answers for that.

It seems like a head lice infestation is typically an inevitable fact of life for children of school-going age. There are a number of things that you can do to prevent head lice in children, from teaching your children to not share personal items to using lice prevention products.

This begs the question though, how do kids get lice and why are they much more likely to get lice, especially when compared to adults? In this article we will try to pinpoint the four more typical ways in which kids can get head lice.

Lice Spread through Direct Contact with Other Children

Direct contact is the number one reason why children get head lice. While it might seem a bit unusual for adults to consider the fact that direct contact is fairly rare amongst adults, this is an everyday thing for children at schools, daycare centers, and even playgrounds. As you may know already, the only way in which lice can be spread from one host to another is by direct contact and whenever children hug each other or play games/sports where direct contact is involved, this provides the perfect opportunity for lice to find a new host.  Despite the fact that head lice cannot jump or fly, they do crawl quickly from one strand of hair to another.

Lice can Spread through Indirect Contact 

It should be no surprise that while direct contact is the most frequent way by which head lice are spread, indirect contact comes in at a close second. But what exactly does indirect contact entail? Basically contact with any objects that might have been worn by people with head lice. Things like baseball caps, hats, headbands, helmets and other head gear are perfect hiding spots for these parasites that will attempt to find a new host by quietly sitting in these objects waiting for their next victim.

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Lice bugs can survive for up to 48 hours off of a host and eggs can survive for up to 10 days off of a host. This is more than enough time for the louse or lice to find a new unsuspecting host. This is also one of the main reasons why you should pay special attention when it comes to sanitizing objects that were worn by people with a head lice problem and sanitizing your environment.

Sharing Combs and Brushes Spreads Lice

Sharing combs and brushes is something that should never be done after a case of head lice has been found or treated. Head lice attach themselves to the surface of the hair strands. As the hair grows, their position changes as well and when a person with head lice brushes or combs his or her hair, it is very common for the hair strand to become loose and remain stuck in the comb or brush. Special attention should be paid to sanitizing these combs or brushes and sometimes it might even be better to just throw them away after being treated for head lice.

Contact with Surfaces That May Have Hidden Lice

One of the main problems that parents face after a successful lice treatment is the fact that some of the surfaces around the house provide the perfect hiding spot for lice to hide while stalking a new host. Things like fabric couches, bed linens, pillows and even chairs can be dangerous surfaces to come into contact with due to the nature of their materials. This is also one of the main reasons why we advise parents to sanitize their home and these items in particular to ensure head lice has been completely eliminate.

Knowing how to protect your children and yourself from lice can be a very valuable piece of information that will go a long ways towards making sure that the possibilities of getting lice are greatly reduced. Our varied line of ClearLice natural lice products based on our unique formula can prove to be the ultimate solution against these nagging parasites in a timely manner in order to avoid the social stigma associated with these bugs. ClearLice provides a complete solutions to get rid of lice from both the head and the home in one day , guaranteed!

How kids get lice

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