How Contagious Lice Really Are

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In some of our previous articles we have described some of the traits that make head lice so contagious. For example, we have discussed the parasitic nature of these insects and why it is so important for them to find a suitable host in order to find a source of food and the perfect breeding ground in order to continue spreading their species.

We have also discussed that while lice bugs can survive for up to 48 hours off of a head and lice eggs can live for up to 10 days off of the head. They can wait for an unsuspecting victim while hiding in baseball caps, helmets, bandannas, headbands and other articles of head gear and clothing.

Who Gets Head Lice?

If you are an adult, you might think that you are immune to head lice; after all, aren’t children far more susceptible to being infested by head lice? And while there is a certain degree of accuracy to this claim, age has nothing to do with lice. The fact is, that children are far more vulnerable to head lice due to the fact that they are far more likely to share articles of clothing and head gear as well as coming into direct contact with a lice-carrier. This is why schools, playgrounds and day care centers are some of the places where children are more likely to get lice.

This is not exclusive to children in elementary school or pre-k either; in fact, middle schoolers and high-schoolers are equally vulnerable to head lice as the possibilities of coming into contact with an infected person are simply higher. So, if you’re a grown adult and have wondered just how contagious lice is, you should know that head lice can quickly crawl from the surface of a host’s hair to another’s.

Spreading Lice

Head lice are always actively looking for a new host and they do not care about a person’s race, height, weight or age. As long as the new host is capable of offering the perfect conditions for feeding and breeding, they will be more than happy to call this new host their home.

At this point, we would also like to address one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to head lice and the ways in which one could become infested by lice. This theory involves the misconception that lice are somehow able to fly or jump from one host’s head to another. However, this theory can easily be dismissed if we consider the fact that the common louse does not have any wings or any anatomical structures that could be used to fly or jump. The only way in which head lice can be transmitted to an unsuspecting host is by crawling.

Girls are generally more vulnerable to head lice than boys. While we did mention that lice have no preference when it comes to the gender of their hosts, girls tend to have longer hair, which makes it much easier to come into contact with another person’s hair and girls tend to be more more willing to show affection. This means that they are more likely to embrace their friends, relatives and acquaintances far more often than their male counterparts.

Preventing Head Lice

Be proactive and start thinking about protection for you and your family. Here at ClearLice we have developed a safe-to-use line of products based on natural ingredients and ancestral essence oils that can help you and your family prevent head lice. In fact, our Family Size lice prevention kit contains a 30-day supply that will make sure that you and  your family does not become the next unsuspecting victims of these parasitic insects.

Finally, it is important to consider that while direct contact is by far the most common transmission method when it comes to head lice, we need to think about indirect contact for a as well. The transmission of head lice through indirect contact is a very realistic possibility and although it is far less common, it is still possible to get head lice when they crawl onto a helmet, hat, ribbon or comb and then you or your child proceed to wear or use that particular item. This is also one of the reasons why we decided to create a ClearLice  household spray and laundry additive that can be used to sanitize items worn or used by a person with head lice in order to make them safe again. Start protecting your family from a lice infestation today with ClearLice natural lice prevention products!

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