Heidi Klum’s Head Lice Advice

Heidi Klum and Head Lice
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Heidi Klum and Head Lice


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There are six to twelve million lice infestations reported in the United States every year. These pesky critters generally affect children ages 3 to 11 and are common topic in elementary schools. Even celebrity judge, host and model Heidi Klum was not able to avoid these critters. One of her four children had a lice infestation twice! Klum shared her experience with lice infestations during a recent interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show. There are five essential things you can learn from Heidi’s experience.

1 – Head Lice Could Be Invisible

Unless you are really searching carefully for lice, they can go unnoticed easily. This is why lice infestations grow rapidly and are not discovered for up to a few months later. While adult size lice are about the size and color of a sesame seed, eggs or nits are secured to hair strands and easy to miss.

2 – Schools are Often the Source of Lice

Heidi’s children got lice at school. Parents are generally surprised that schools are actually a hotbed for lice due to head-to-head contact with friends and students. Other places your child can get lice are at school sporting events and afterschool camps.

3 – You are at Less Risk for Lice around Adults

Even though children can pass lice infestations on to their parents, it’s unlikely that parents can spread it to co-workers due to the lack of head-to-head contact. Adults pay more attention to etiquette in the work place and generally to not hug or greet their co-workers with a kiss or any form of head-to-head contact.

4 – Head Lice Infestations Don’t Mark You as Dirty

Some parents may think that head lice is a scarlet letter marking their child as “dirty.” This is far from the truth. Lice are human parasites that will set up house on any human scalp that has hair, clean or dirty.

5 – You Need to Get Rid of Lice

You need to choose a lice treatment that is effective and involves combing the lice out of the hair using a specialized nit comb. Any head lice treatment you choose is time consuming and involves removing the lice from the hair.

Parents often get worried and fearful thinking about how to get rid of lice. Especially if you have heard of the mutant strain already sweeping 25 states in America. These mutant lice sound scary, but they are harmless since they don’t carry or transmit disease. The only thing special about these lice is they are immune to over-the-counter lice treatments.

The over-the-counter lice treatments that everyone runs to the local pharmacy to purchase, actually are not effective on mutant lice strains. In addition to the products not working, they are also filled with chemical ingredients that can have a negative effect on your child’s health. Pesticides and harsh chemicals may kill standard lice strains, but at the same time you are exposing your child to harmful chemicals that get absorbed into their blood stream.

Parents are concerned about these chemicals and are encouraging each other to find alternative and safer lice treatments. The most popular and effective choice is ClearLice. This lice treatment is made with natural ingredients and void of pesticides and harsh chemicals. ClearLice works on all lice strains and is famous for working in one day!

This natural lice treatment has a delightful peppermint scent and is available to purchase individually, by the gallon and in convenient kits such as single, family and jumbo size. This way you are only purchasing what you need. Sometimes just one child has lice in the family and other occasions the entire household is affected.

ClearLice products you can choose from are lice treatment shampoo and lice treatment conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, lice repellent shampoo and lice repellent conditioner, household spray and stainless steel nit combs. What’s excellent about ClearLice and sets them away from the rest of the lice treatments is that they provide repellent shampoo and repellent conditioner to help prevent future lice infestations.

More than one lice infestation can happen. It’s exactly what happened to Heidi Klum’s child. You get rid of lice and then they return. This can happen a couple of different ways. Either you missed removing some nits from the hair during the treatment process or your child was exposed to lice again at school and head-to-head contact with friends.

You can also do your part to prevent future lice infestations. Teach your kids about lice, what they are and how they can get them. Advise your children to avoid head-to-head contact with classmates and avoid sharing their brush, scarf, hat, coat and hair accessories with friends. One of the main things you should know is that lice treatment should begin as soon as possible after learning your child has lice.

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