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Jumbo Size Lice Treatment Kit

Jumbo Size Lice Treatment Kit


  • Remove lice & nits from the whole family for up to 6 Heads & Your Home
  • 12 bottles  (8oz each)
  • No toxins or pesticides
  • Made with botanicals and essential oils
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ClearLice - Jumbo Size Treatment Kit (Treats Up to 6 People and a Large Home)

The ClearLice Jumbo Size Treatment Kit is designed for larger families and homes and contains enough products to treat up to six people. All of the products in the Jumbo Size head lice removal kit are natural and derived from plant extracts and essential oils. These natural ingredients are powerful enough, though, to attack and destroy head lice and eggs, while remaining gentle enough for use by the entire family.

This Jumbo Size is the best lice removal kit option for families or groups of people fighting lice infestations. Not only do the products take care of the head and scalp, but they target the home environment as well, where lice and nits can live for days.

The ingredient lists for the ClearLice treatment kit are designed with families in mind. You will not find any of those toxic or harsh chemicals that can be found in other products. This means that ClearLice products do not pose the same concerns that chemical products do that lice will build immunity to the harsh ingredients.


ClearLice Jumbo Size Treatment Includes:

3- lice and nit remover shampoos 8oz. bottle

3- conditioners 8oz. bottle

3- household sprays 8oz. bottle

3- laundry enzyme additives 8oz. bottle

1- CE certified stainless steel nit comb

4- shower caps

1- instructions


How Does the ClearLice Jumbo Size Treatment Kit Work?

The treatment kit includes ClearLice Shampoo and ClearLice Conditioner.

    • The ingredients of the shampoo and conditioner are gentle enough to use on the whole family, but still strong enough to destroy the lice at all stages of the lice life cycle.
    • The shampoo will not irritate the scalp because it is made from ingredients such as botanicals and essential oils.
    • The conditioner coats each hair shaft, making lice eggs unable to cling to the hair.


The ClearLice Laundry Additive and Household Spray

    • Safely and effectively clear the home of any remaining lice and eggs with the laundry additive and treatment spray.
    • The laundry additive is safe to use in the washing machine and is hypoallergenic, meaning you can wash clothes and blankets used by everyone in the family.
    • The treatment spray lets you tackle the things you cannot add to the washing machine, such as curtains and car seats.



Stainless Steel Nit Comb and Four Shower Caps

To better apply the treatment shampoo and conditioner, the ClearLice Jumbo Size Treatment Kit includes a specially designed nit comb and four shower caps.

    • Stainless steel teeth on the nit comb  are extremely effective at removing the nits from the hair shafts without painfully pulling on the scalp.
    • The shower caps will help make the treatment process easier, keeping shampoo in place and out of little-ones’ eyes while waiting through the process.


The ClearLice Jumbo Size Treatment Kit comes with easy to follow instructions and products for treating up to six people and a large size home or other comparable environment. If you have even more people to treat, ClearLice offers other options, such as the Gallon Size Lice Treatment Shampoo.

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A. Veronicq



It was great worked fast and we was so happy to see the results in just one treatment... the smell is the best daughter loves it... will order more to have on hand just incase..

K. Amy




L. Jennifer



Very impressed

M. Kathryn



I would recommend this product to anyone who has been dealing with lice. It worked great and their hair is shiny and lice free.

C. Dora



Actually worked