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Head Lice Won't Go Away

Head Lice Won't Go Away

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As the pending school year approaches, parents and teachers alike are dreading the nuisance of head lice that lurks beyond the classroom door. Head lice are small, but their impact packs a punch. Because of these tiny creatures, many schools employ a no-nit policy that prevents any child with head lice from returning to school until he or she is completely rid of these vile insects.

It is imperative that you, as a parent, take certain steps in order to eliminate lice quickly so that your child can return to school.

The first step is to understand head lice and how they behave. This means you will need to do research in order to find out what head lice are and what they do on your child’s head. This will give you the advantage you need going into step two: head lice treatment. Finding the right head lice treatment for your child is an integral step. It is the step that is going to allow your child to return to school as quickly as possible. You will need to research the different types of lice treatments out there in order to determine which one is best.

Knowing What Makes Head Lice Tick

Head lice are tiny creatures, so what makes them worthy of forbidding a child to return to school while he or she still has them lurking in their scalp? Interestingly, these creatures don’t spread disease or infection, so why ban a child from school?

Honestly, it’s the annoyance factor. Head lice spread quickly from person to person and they can be extremely annoying. They can cause itchiness and red bumps on the scalp, but other than that, they don’t cause much damage. Their main purpose seems to be to annoy people. The constant scratching and the removal from school is enough to drive any parent crazy.

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It is also important to know that these creatures are parasites. They need the human head in order to survive. The scalp provides secretions and warmth that are essential for head lice to live. They can only live 48 hours off of a human head as opposed to the 30 days on it. Their life cycle consists of landing on a person’s head, laying eggs or nits, continuing to live on the head or finding another head to call home and then dying.

Contrary to popular belief though, these insects do not spread by jumping or flying from head to head. In actuality, these creatures can only crawl from one head to another. This should help you to teach your children not to share things that come into contact with their head. It will help decrease the chance of your child coming home with head lice in the first place.

Knowing all of these things about head lice will help you tremendously as you look for head lice treatments. It will give you essential strategies in order to prevent the spread of head lice to your child and through your home. The next step is finding the right lice treatment for you and your family. The only problem is that some head lice treatments are more effective than others, so it is important that you do research in order to find the right one.

Over-the-Counter Lice Treatments

Many parents who find out their child has head lice go out to the local store and pick up the first over-the-counter head lice treatment they can find in hopes that this will quickly eliminate the head lice problem. Unfortunately, that no longer seems to be the case.

Head lice are extremely adaptive. This quality is what has allowed them to survive for as long as humans have. It is also one of the main reasons why over-the-counter lice treatments have stopped being effective. These insects have evolved beyond the scope of many of the chemicals and pesticides present in these treatments. Often, it would take multiple head lice treatments from some of these over-the-counter brands in order to get rid of lice. That costs you time and money that you often can’t afford to spend on the treatment of head lice.

In addition, these chemicals and pesticides can often be quite dangerous for your child. Some of the chemicals used in these over-the-counter lice treatments can cause serious developmental problems in your child if used too much. With multiple head lice treatments being the only way these over-the-counter lice treatments will work, you are exposing your child to dangerous chemicals that could hurt them down the line.

Fortunately, there are other options available for the treatment of head lice.

ClearLice: Get Rid of Lice Naturally

Because of the dangers and ineffectiveness of many over-the-counter lice treatment products, many companies have begun to invest in natural lice treatments as an alternative. ClearLice is one company’s result.

ClearLice is a natural lice treatment that uses a unique combination of natural enzymes in order to breakdown and kill head lice. This formula makes it easier to remove the head lice and nits. It is also completely pesticide and SLS-free. You can trust that it is safe to use on your child and won’t cause any health problems.

ClearLice is so effective that it is guaranteed to work in just one treatment! A safe, effective and fast head lice treatment; who wouldn’t want that?

Try ClearLice today and be lice-free tomorrow!

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