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Mayonnaise does not cure Head Lice

Mayonnaise does not cure Head Lice

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Head Lice Treatment

Lice Treatment Shampoo

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It’s every parent’s nightmare. Your child is sent home from school with a classic case of head lice. Skip the home remedies or you’ll spend the next 6 months treating the entire family – and you may still not successfully get rid of the lice. There are several reasons why even the most popular home remedies are never completely effective.

Smothering Treatments

The most common head lice home remedies involve smothering the bugs with a heavy conditioner, olive oil, almond oil, or oil-based products such as mayonnaise. The thick, oily substance coats the lice, as well as their eggs, making it easier to remove the pests with a comb. The technique effectively removes both lice and nits, usually requiring at least a week of repeated treatment. Unfortunately, this method kills nits, but not the adult lice and could result in reinfestation of the treated person, as well as new cases.

Home Remedies with Essential Oils

Head lice home remedies using essential oils may be used to get rid of the bugs and to prevent them. Several drops of essential oil are mixed with olive oil or alcohol. The mixture is applied to the hair and left on for 12 hours. Like the smothering methods mentioned above, combing out the hair is the most important step of the procedure, but the essential oil generally kills more adult lice and acts as a natural repellant. The biggest downfall to this remedy is that it is extremely messy and time-consuming.

Over-the-Counter Head Lice Remedies

If you have head lice, skip the home remedies, but don’t turn to an over-the-counter formula instead. There are several different brands of head lice medicine, or pediculicides, including products that require a prescription. These treatments usually come in the form of a shampoo and generally include a fine toothed comb to remove dead lice and nits. Pediculicides kill lice using an assortment of chemicals that may stain clothing and could burn sensitive scalps. It isn’t uncommon for lice to build a resistance to these chemicals, making the treatment completely ineffective.

Safe Alternatives to Head Lice Home Remedies

Harsh chemicals are harmful to everyone, especially young children, and there’s a chance the treatment won’t even work. Natural head lice home remedies are much safer, but are just as chancy when it comes to effectiveness. Clearlice uses an all-natural proprietary blend of essential oils, enzymes, salts, and plant extracts to dissolve the outer bodies of adult lice, along with the shells of their nits. The formula then attacks the bug’s nervous system to eliminate head lice quickly and safely. In most cases, a single 30-minute treatment is enough to get rid of head lice for good.

The Clearlice formula is available in a wide range of products to keep your home and family safe, including laundry additives, household sprays, and preventive leave-in conditioners, as well as the signature Clearlice treatment shampoo. The next time your home is compromised by the threat of head lice, skip the home remedies and turn to Clearlice instead.

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