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Lice Resistant to OTC Treatment

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Head Lice Treatment

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Alabama is the most recent state that joins 25 others that have discovered that head lice are becoming resistant to traditional over-the-counter treatments. According to Kyong Yoon, an assistant professor of biological and environment science at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, head lice have developed a high level of resistance to the common treatments.

Back-to-School Increases Head Lice Risk

Fall and winter are the two most popular times of the year that children are prone to getting head lice. Since lice don’t produce symptoms other than an itchy scalp, your child can have an infestation that grows rather quickly and can spread to others in your home or at school by head-to-head contact. In today’s social media, it is more common than ever before to have head-to-head contact with others while taking selfies and pictures.

Getting Diagnosed with Head Lice

Diagnosis often happens at your child’s school and you are notified immediately to pick your child up and provide head lice treatment. Most schools don’t allow children to return until the lice infestation has been diminished. Some parents go to the doctor’s office due to fear because they are not familiar with lice. Other parents rush straight to the local pharmacy to purchase over-the-counter treatment that has the most chemicals.

Resistant Head Lice

Lice have built up an immunity to the popular chemically filled lice treatment. These lice are often referred to as mutant lice. Since the lice do not react to the treatment, they continue to live and thrive on your child’s scalp. What do you do when the most popular head lice treatments on store shelves don’t work? Parents are flocking to alternative lice treatments such as products with natural ingredients.

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Natural and Effective Lice Treatment

ClearLice is the best natural lice treatment. It eliminates lice and nits in one day, guaranteed. It’s safe to use, void of toxic chemicals, poisons and pesticides, it has a delightful peppermint scent and it works when other lice treatments fail. You have the choice to purchase the head lice products separately or in a kit. Products include lice treatment shampoo and lice treatment conditioner, enzyme laundry additive, household spray, lice repel shampoo and lice repel conditioner and a nit comb. These products can arrive at your door step the next day. ClearLice is guaranteed to get rid of lice and nits.

Common Head Lice Questions:

  • What are lice? Lice are tiny insects that resemble the look and color of a sesame seed. They are commonly found on the scalp and in the hair. Lice feed on human blood and are able to live their entire lifecycle on the scalp. Female lice lay eggs and stick them to the hair strands located close to the scalp using a sticky substance. Lice do not carry or transmit disease or bacteria.
  • Why does over-the-counter treatment fail? There are a variety of reasons the common chemically filled lice treatments don’t work, including misdiagnosis, immunity to treatment, not using the treatment properly and reinfestation.
  • Are lice treatments with chemical ingredients safe? These types of lice treatments have been on the market for centuries. It may have successfully got rid of lice and nits in the past, but now they are failing to be effective due to the immunity the lice have built against it. Harsh chemicals and pesticides are often the common ingredient in treatments. These poisonous ingredients actually seep into your child’s blood stream which can have negative results on your child’s health.
  • Are natural head lice treatments safe? Natural lice treatments contain natural ingredients that are capable of killing the lice and preventing future infestations. ClearLice is favored by parents throughout the United States, due to its effectiveness and easy to use instructions.
  • Can lice infestations be prevented? To an extent. These critters can’t hop or fly from person-to-person but they can spread by head-to-head contact and by sharing items with those who have an infestation. To prevent lice avoid sharing hats, scarfs, brushes, combs and clothing with others. If you have a child that has lice, don’t sit on the same furniture or use the same pillows your child does. Lice can only live up to 24 to 48 hours off of a human, if they are crawling around on furniture and don’t access a human scalp, they die immediately.

Parents often panic when they learn their child has head lice. This is a normal reaction, but there is no need to worry. They do not harm your children or spread disease. However, you did need to take immediate action. Once you pick your child up from school you should go home immediately and order ClearLice, it arrives at your door step in just one day and is capable of eliminating lice and nits in one day! Then your child can return to school. The longer you wait for treatment the worse the infestation can become and it will increase the risk of lice spreading to family members. Take action today against lice and nits!

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