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Family Size Lice Prevention Kit

Family Size Lice Prevention Kit


  • Lice repel kit for the whole family
  • 4 bottles (8oz each)
  • Use daily or whenever there is a lice outbreak
  • Repel products do not remove lice, they help keep them away
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ClearLice - Family Size Repel Kit (Treats up to 4 People and a Large Home)

Safe to use every day as a preventative measure, the Family Size Repel Kit will help prevent lice from taking over the hair and scalp. This Family Size option is a good choice for families of up to 4 people, or in places such as camps and daycares where there are many heads that could be potential carriers. The Repel Kit includes both ClearLice Repel Shampoo and Repel Conditioner.

The ingredients in the prevention products do not contain any pesticides and are safe to use on all members of the family. Other prevention products on the market often contain ingredients which irritate the scalp or cannot be safely used long-term, but ClearLice can be used whenever there is threat of a lice infestation finding its way to your door.

The products are tested in a lab certified by the FDA, another step in the process that ClearLice takes to provide families with quality, safe products.


ClearLice Family Size Repel Kit Includes:

2- repel shampoos 8oz. bottle

2- repel conditioners 8oz. bottle


Why Should I Use the ClearLice Family Size Repel Kit?

The products in the Family Size Repel Kit are safe enough to use every day, yet they still work hard to help keep the lice away. Ordering the Family Size means you have enough for both the kids and you – taking care of the whole family. Natural ingredients help repel lice, leaving hair looking great but working to ward off lice infestations.

    • Apply the ClearLice Head Lice Repel Shampoo by gently massaging it into wet hair. Then rinse as usual.
    • Dry and style your hair after using the Repel Shampoo.
    • Apply the Leave-In Conditioner in a gentle misting action. This stops lice from making your head their home.
    • The ClearLice Repel lice prevention products are cost-effective measures, putting your mind at ease when the kids go to school or camp.
    • The natural ingredients make the shampoo and conditioner safe for the entire family.
    • There are no poisons or pesticides in ClearLice ingredients.


The Family Size option makes it easy for you to help your kids stay lice-free during outbreaks in their classroom, saving you the time and energy it takes to treat infestations.
If you are already battling a lice infestation, be sure to look at the ClearLice Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner options that also use natural ingredients that are safe for all family members.

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E. Tangie



Outstanding Products!!!

B. Mike



Amazing product

V. Elizabeth



Didn't have to it yet.




We are using the repel kit to keep the lice away and we cut our boys hair to a buzz cut. They love using the spray conditioner, so we apply that every morning. Our daughter loves the spray conditioner also and with her curly hair it is really helpful to know that it is safe to use on kids. We are continuing to use the repel shampoo as our regular shampoo now as well. The repel regular conditioner we are not using because our hair feels pretty soft after washing, so it is not needed even with very long hair. We have no knots. :) We are very grateful for this product and will continue to use.

D. Amanda



This is a really good product also. It smells great and is very easy to use.